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Tigers “Ball” To Bulldogs


Pictured is #6 Seth Fudge

On Friday, March 29, the Mansfield Tigers faced the Waldron Bulldogs in a glove to ground hitting spree conference game. In the first inning, the Tigers earned two runs and control of the game. But the Bulldogs were relentless leaving the Tigers to make only four runs and ending the game 10-4 Waldron. The Mansfield Tigers now find themselves sitting 2-5 on the season.

#22 Codi Chick

Successful with one run each was Aaron Brewer, Hunter Willsey also stealing two bases, Codi Chick, and Nathan Brewer. Codi was the big winner of the game with his remarkable home run. Cody Fudge led the Tigers in putouts with seven while Isaac Cothran secured three. Layton Howard made one putout and one assist. Hayden Henson earned one putout. And Ethan Pettus helped with one assist.

#24 Isaac Cothran

Pitching for the Tigers were Seth Fudge and Hayden Henson. With his iron arm, Seth threw out 88 pitches to 25 batters striking out seven. And throwing with a strength like Schwarzenegger was Hayden with 47 pitches to 11 batters striking out two. The Tigers are back at it again on Tuesday, April 2 at home against the 2-4 Cedarville Pirates at 4:30 p.m.

#1 Layton Howard
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