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Tigers’ Cage Unlocked, Athletes Set to Report


Following a statewide mandatory dead period due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Mansfield Public Schools and its athletic department are set to reopen its facilities on Monday, June 8. Although the Governor’s office issued a statement that a return to team sports could take place June 1, Mansfield took a little extra time to ensure safeguards were in place before giving the okay to let its athletes return.

Mansfield administration okayed a Monday, June 8 return to team activities just this week. As MHS coaches were made aware of the possible return, a committee formed to establish a local protocol and a comprehensive summer workout schedule for all athletes.

The first two weeks of that summer workout schedule is being made available through this publication. Because the Arkansas Activities Association has not released whether or not they will forgo the typical summer dead period which is currently set for June 21 to July 4, the MHS staff is waiting to release the remaining summer schedule.

The current Mansfield schedule includes staggered check-ins times for screenings and actual workout start times for both the high school athletes and the junior high athletes. Senior high (10th – 12th grades) girls begin check in at 7:30 AM, senior high boys 8:00 AM, junior high (8th – 9th grades) girls 9:30 AM, and junior high boys 10:00 AM. An alternate schedule for 7th grade athletes will most likely start up after July 4.

The summer schedule is for all athletes regardless of sport preferences. That includes baseball, basketball, cheer, cross country, football, golf, softball, track, and volleyball. The workouts are designed for a gradual acclimatization to activity along with some sport specific skills. 

All parents and athletes should be aware of the following MHS protocol as well as the directives from the health department. All participants including staff must adhere to the directives as outlined in the following paragraphs.

Mansfield Schools Return to Team Activities Protocol

Following the directives from the Secretary of Health in consultation with the Governor’s office, Mansfield Public Schools is reopening its facilities for sport team activities beginning June 8, 2020. As such, a strict policy will be in place for all participants. Those not adhering to the restrictions or failing any part of the daily screenings will be asked to leave immediately. 

Summer activities will be voluntary. Individuals or families not comfortable with attending onsite workouts at this time may continue utilizing technology to communicate with staff for training and instruction.

Mansfield will adhere to the “Directive for Community and School Sponsored Team Sports” outlined in a letter dated June 1, 2020 from the Arkansas Department of Health. That document follows this page. It outlines the general requirements and defines close-contact team sports as well as limited-contact team sports. In addition, Mansfield will require the following safeguards.

  1. Student-athletes must have a valid physical exam administered within the last 12-15 months on file with the school.
  2. Student-athletes will only be allowed to enter specifically marked entrances after passing the screen test. Upon entry, they should use the hand sanitizers provided at the door.
  3. Participants must keep a minimum distance of six feet from all others at all times except when actively participating in sports related activity.
  4. After workouts athletes must leave through specifically marked exits. They should use the provided hand sanitizers as they exit. They must leave the premises immediately, not loiter or watch another session.
  5. Players should come already dressed for activities.They must have their own water bottles, towels, face coverings, or other items. The sharing of such items is strictly forbidden.
  6. Spectators or non-participants will not be allowed inside facilities.
  7. Training times and sessions will be determined by gender, sport and/or grade levels. Coaches will communicate specific times for specific groups. Due to limited numbers and space, athletes will not be allowed to attend an alternate session other than their time.
  8. Locker rooms are for storage of personal items. Absolutely no loitering allowed in this area. Social distance of six feet must be maintained in the locker room.
  9. MHS staff will sanitize all exercise machines and equipment after each workout session.

Read the Arkansas Department of Heath’s directive for community and school sponsored team sports.

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