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Tigers Play “Lights Out” In Loss Against Lamar


One thing is for sure. Last nights baseball game against the Mansfield Tigers and the Lamar Warriors was nothing short of entertaining. The game started off with the Tigers celebrating their seniors in a warm-hearted ceremony. Four seniors are saying goodbye to their high school baseball days. Seth Fudge, Tyler Watkins, Hunter Willsey, and Zach Woolbright.

#6 Seth Fudge and #30 Zach Woolbright

Shortly into the first inning, freshman Nathan Brewer stepped up to the plate. After a few errored attempts at hitting the ball, contact was made and the ball was catapulted up and behind him slamming into a light and shattering it around nervously running fans. Nathan garnered three hits, one run, and two putouts in the game.

#40 Nathan Brewer

Catcher Cody Fudge had a heck of a time staying on his feet while going after the baseballs hit behind him. With the grass still wet, Cody was slippin’ and slidin’ all over the field but not once did he lose momentum. Cody finished the game with seven putouts. Clay James earned one putout. Seth Fudge made one run, one hit, and four putouts. Zach Woolbright scored one hit.

#7 Hayden Henson

Hunter Willsey landed two runs, one hit, one putout, and three assists. Codi Chick hooked one hit, one RBI, one putout, and two assists. Isaac Cothran grabbed four putouts and one assist. Hayden Henson made one hit and one RBI. And Tyler Watkins acquired one RBI, one putout, and two assists. Hayden and Tyler did the pitching for the Tigers. Hayden threw 72 pitches to 23 batters striking out four and Tyler threw 54 pitches to 18 batters striking out two. The final score tally was 11-4 Lamar. Next up, the 5-7 Mansfield Tigers will face the Charleston Tigers tonight, April 16 at 4:30 p.m.

#6 senior Seth Fudge
#10 senior Tyler Watkins
#30 senior Zach Woolbright
#12 senior Cindy Willsey
Book keeper for the Tigers, senior Allie Willsey
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