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Tigers Will Be Ballin’ And Maulin’ As Wolves Come To Town


By Megan Hecox

The Lincoln Wolves are comin’ to town and the Mansfield Tigers are ready for em’. The Tigers will be hosting the Wolves and both Jr High and Sr High teams are going to get the chance to take a shot at them. After some much needed time off, the Tigers are rested and ready to get back out on the court.

The Tigers and Lady Tigers Sr High teams are tied in their seasons’ record. They are 2-4 in overall play and 0-1 in conference play. All that is looking to change tonight though as the Tigers prepare to show the Wolves, who is in charge around here. The Lincoln boys team is sitting at 5-3 in overall non-conference play. The Lady Wolves are 7-3 in overall non-conference play. Tonight’s game against Mansfield will be Lincolns first conference game of the season.

The Tigers are ready to show off their hoop skills. But they can’t do it alone. These basketball programs are going to need the fans support in order for this sport to grow. It does wonders for a young persons self-esteem to look up and see packed stands. If you find yourself needing something to do tonight, find a basketball game and show your support. Enjoy some hot nachos, a cold soda, and a hometown basketball match.

The Tigers will be hosting the Wolves tonight December 11th starting at 4 pm.


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