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Tips and Rules for Using Crosswalks With a Cane

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If you or a loved one uses a cane, then you know that using a crosswalk can be a challenge. Although crosswalks are more accessible now than they were in the past, they can still be stressful for cane users. But by following these tips and rules for using crosswalks with a cane, you’ll be crossing the street with ease.

Make Sure Drivers Can See You

The most important thing to consider when crossing the road with a cane is whether drivers can see you. If you know that you’ll be walking around a lot on a certain day, try to wear bright clothing that makes you stand out on the crosswalk. Also, you should try to wave to the driver before you cross to grab their attention.

Give Yourself Enough Time To Cross

As you approach the crosswalk, look at the countdown timer to see how much time you have left to cross. If there are less than ten seconds left on the timer, wait until the next walk signal just to be safe.

You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of the road when the timer runs out, which is why it’s better to stay cautious and wait your turn. Patience is an essential virtue, especially if you use a cane. Take this as an opportunity to practice patience if there doesn’t appear to be enough time for you to cross the street safely.

Keep Your Eye Out for Potholes and Debris

Before you take your first step onto the crosswalk, take a look to survey the area, so you don’t walk into any surprise obstacles. Potholes, debris, and litter can all impede your walking ability, and if your cane gets caught on something, you might fall.

Foldable walking canes are safe and durable, but if you accidentally put them in a pothole, the cane might buckle. Check your street beforehand to save yourself the hassle, and there shouldn’t be any issues.

Overall, using a cane requires constant vigilance, and crosswalks are a prime setting for this mindset. If you follow these tips and rules for using crosswalks with a cane, you’ll be amazed at how far you can go!

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