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Tips for Keeping Tractor Tires From Wearing Out


The proper maintenance of tractor tires will help tell tractor owners whether they need to replace their tires or not. Wheel slippage (a loss of traction), consistent air pressure problems, and dry rot are all signs that you need new tires. Thankfully, these issues are preventable. Use these tips for keeping a tractor tire from wearing out to keep your tires long-lasting and safe.

How To Take Care of Your Tractor Tires

  • Educate yourself about the manual. Understanding the manual thoroughly will help you know the dos and don’ts of both your tractor and the tires. Manuals list the necessary instructions on how to take care of vehicles and troubleshooting frequent problems.
  • Learn about tire specifications. The tractor tire’s specifications include its weight, height, model number, diameter, size of the tire, and the recommended tire pressure and weight.
  • Get the proper tools. Tractors are heavy-duty equipment, and if you’re going to invest in a tractor, you might as well invest in the tools. These vehicles require larger wrenches, nuts, and other necessary tools.
  • Tire inflation. Running your tractor tires frequently at low pressure will increase tread wear and damage the tire. You should be able to find the recommended pressure listed on the side of the tire or in the manual. Checking the air pressure will make the tire safer and more efficient.
  • Don’t overload. There is a load capacity for each tire. Carrying a load that is way above the recommendation will cause damage and reduce the wear on the tire.
  • Keep your tractor and tractor tires clean. Cleaning the vehicle is very important to help you spot leaks and other damage. Some tires have self-cleaning abilities depending on the depth of the tread.

The proper maintenance of tires will help vehicle owners tell whether they need a tire replacement or not. Keeping a safe and well-maintained tractor is an essential part of overall farm work. Needlessly going through tires, or worse, damaging your tractor, is an unexpected expense that your farming business can’t afford. Follow these tips for keeping a tractor tire from wearing out to prevent unnecessary costs and improve safety on your farm.

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