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Tips on Starting Up a Monthly Giving Program

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There’s only one thing on a business’s mind: to engage their customers and develop a system that gives them a reason to shop more. Companies that give back to charities connect with customers and their communities. When you find a worthwhile cause to support, you open more doors. Find the best tips to start your business’s monthly giving program here.

Develop a Thoughtful Donor Plan

The first step is to find a plan. Be thoughtful with the process—in other words, be open to exploring different strategies to help get your idea off the ground. Learn what other corporations do and see what’s failed and worked. Knowing what’s successful helps narrow down ideas to use.

First, think long and hard about goals you’d like to accomplish every month and what you’d like to celebrate each quarter and year. Additionally, let others know the “why” behind the program. You’ll use your rationale in the mission statement and your programs often.

Give Your Donation Program a Name

The other thing to do is come up with a name. It can’t be random and should align with your target audience. If you fund a veteran’s charity, you may look at naming the program something relating to the cause. For example, you could call your project “Honor,” commemorating all troops.

The name is personal to you and your team, so make sure to give the program a worthwhile name. After that, start advocating for the charity, such as putting out testimonials and pictures of donors or attaching a message.

Establish an Audience Without Guilting Anyone

There may be some individuals who aren’t interested in monthly contribution programs and some that can’t afford the cost. In this case, you can still send out an email to let others know they don’t have to donate if they don’t want to. Additionally, create different contribution amounts for donors to select.

You can create a more friendly space without anyone feeling guilty if they can’t support your cause by making payments optional.

After payments, find your audience. Audience members are those who respond right away, so craft an email list of names that show interest or actively donate.

Make Donating Simple and to the Point

The one thing you don’t want to do is make donating difficult. No one enjoys scrolling through pages attempting to navigate a website that doesn’t deliver what they need right away. If it takes more than three clicks to get to a donation page, you’ll need to reconfigure things.

Give audiences straightforward navigation to the donation page. Additionally, allow contributors to opt out of recurring payments if they don’t want to make month-to-month contributions.

It’s essential to let donors have complete control over their donations. Take these tips you’ve learned about starting a monthly giving program and apply them to your strategy. A better contribution approach that’s easy to navigate and is honest leads to more grateful donations.

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