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Truman Baker Fishing Derby Winners


The City of Waldron recently held their annual kid’s fishing derby.

The overall winner of the 2019 Truman Baker Kids Fishing Derby was Braydon Helton, whose catch weighed in at 4.80 pounds. Helton had a nice string of catfish!

  • 1st place girls 3-6 Emerson Aynes
  • 2nd place Avery Shaddon
  • Tie for 3rd Dallie Mathews
  • Tie for 3rd  Emerson Brown
  • 1st place boys 3-6 Braydon Helton
  • 2nd  place Michael Goff
  • 3rd  place Seven Pottridge
  • Tie 1st place girls 7-11 Kiersten Hall and Erika Brothers
  • 2nd place Hailey Valdez
  • 3rd place Makayle Smith
  • 1st place boys 7-11 Austin Smith
  • 2nd place Garrett Perkins
  • Tie 3rd place Lane Fowler and Jax Brown
  • 1st place boys 12-15 Aaron Painter
  • 2nd place Aiden Allen
  • 3rd place Kaleb Jones
  • 1st place girls 12-15 Madison Goff
  • 2nd place Lexi Kesterson
  • 3rd place Brooklyn Brothers
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Tammy Teague
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