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Understanding How Playgrounds Evolved Over Time

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Remember when you and your friends played tag in the park? We remember those days as well. Those days at the park were amazing, and every generation discovers it for themselves. There’s a lot to playgrounds many don’t know, including how playgrounds evolved over time. Here’s a brief understanding of how communities created play areas.

Forming the First Playground

There’s no exact date, but many believe the first playground was invented in Germany in 1885. It’s unbelievable to think how many generations have played on slides, jungle gyms, and swings.

The first playground was called a “play street.” Play streets were areas traffic avoided because children played on those lanes. Once the decades went by, children played in state fairs with carousels, swings, and slides.

These elements would combine to form a wonderful institution for generations to come: the playground. Children loved the park, and they still do.

Choosing the Best Play Gear

As children played, park equipment changed. It became apparent in the 1970s that metal wasn’t a suitable material for slides since metal slides heat up quickly. Park administrators found better, safer materials.

So, parks went through different materials, such as wood and plastic. Now, many parks prefer high-density polyethylene.

Becoming Familiar With Popular Favorites

Parks develop fast, and they continue to do so. However, there’s never an end to the amount of equipment that appears on the most popular playground gear list. The popular playground equipment seen today was loved by many in the past. Although, they were different progressions.

Everything from the swing set to the monkey bars and carousel—these rides filled the days of young children from pre-school up to middle and high school age. Today, the tradition continues with modern takes on popular playground gear, newer play pieces, and modern approaches for inclusive play.

You may have seen one of these attractions at the park recently:

  • Glider
  • Elevated sand tables
  • Mobility swings
  • Sensory booths

Seeing Playgrounds of Today

Playtime is anytime at the park. Every day, parks have an unanimously positive impact on children. As you learn to understand how playgrounds evolved over time, you appreciate the time and effort it takes to build a play area where kids can grow, learn, and develop.

Playgrounds evolve every day—how is yours growing? Make a positive impact on the community by working with the local park district to update old equipment. The more modern the parks become, the more future generations get to play.

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