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Unique Animals You Can Raise on Your Farm

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Whether doing it professionally or as a hobby, keeping animals on your farm has many perks. You can sell surplus goods that come from them and learn about how to help them thrive.

If the traditional choices of cows, chickens, and horses don’t interest you, many other options are available. Here are a few unique animals you can raise on your farm.


Ostriches are unique animals that offer low maintenance and excellent profits. You can easily sell their meat, eggs, and feathers. Because there aren’t as many ostrich farms, you can receive a premium for your investment.

The biggest issue with raising ostriches is their high upfront cost. They consume a lot of feed, are difficult to transport, and are challenging to breed successfully. While it may be more difficult to get started, this only makes raising them more lucrative in the end.


Another unique animal you may want to try your hand at farming is the llama. Llamas make good guards for your other livestock. They’re incredibly intelligent and have good auditory and visual perception. You can sell their wool, use them as pack animals, or keep them as pets.

Unfortunately, llamas can be challenging to raise due to their size. Larger llamas can weigh nearly 400 pounds, making them difficult to move and feed. They’re grazing animals, so they need lots of space. They also require adequate shelter to protect them from foul weather.


Honey bees make an excellent addition to your farm. You can sell the honey or keep it for yourself. Whether you’re harvesting extracted, chunk, or cone honey, you’ll find that there’s no shortage of uses for this product. If you’re raising bees as a hobby, you can expect to have around a dozen hives. However, professional beekeepers can have hundreds.

When setting up your bee farm, you’ll need a location with plenty of space, water, and protection from the elements. If you’re raising bees alongside pets and livestock, ensure the hives are far enough away that they don’t bother them and make them agitated.

Learn How To Care for Your Livestock Effectively

No matter what types of livestock you’re planning on investing in, you should learn a few best practices to ensure you keep them happy and healthy.

The most unique animals you can raise on your farm can sometimes be difficult to deal with. However, they can pay off in the long run.

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