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UofA Architect Students Tour West Fraser

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On September 13, 2022, 19 students, led by Tahar Messadi, Associate Professor with the Fay Jones School of Architecture & Design, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville, visited the West Fraser-Mansfield Mill for a tour of the Mill to see the process of turning logs into lumber and then visited a forest logging site, for a presentation by the U.S. Forest Service on forest management, restoration work and a look at an active harvest unit.  A new trend in multi-story buildings is using CLT (Cross Laminated Timbers), which are engineered wood panels made from several layers of kiln-dried lumber boards stacked in alternating directions.

Representing West Fraser: James Travis, John McLellan, Darren Brkic, Tim Hahn, Doug Read, Corey Yarber, Lori Alexander and Braden Binns

Representing the U.S. Forest Service: Gregg Vickers, Lorenzo Walton, Jeremy Eubanks, Jermiah Diffee and Dave Moore

Tahar Messadi, Associate Professor, Bruce Isham and John McLellan with Mansfield Mill
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