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Vacancy Declared on Waldron City Council


The Waldron City Council met on Tuesday, August 13 at 5:30 p.m. All members of the council were present. Also present were, Mayor David Millard, City Clerk/Treasurer Sherry Johnston and City Attorney Mark Johnson.

After approving the minutes from the June meeting, the council heard the city services report.

Police Chief Jeremy Hunt reported that there were 61 cases reported to police, and 35 arrests made. Cases included one sex crime, four crimes against a person, one burglary, five theft of property, 18 citations, nine drug cases, 11 miscellaneous cases, 20 warrants served, eight public intoxication and three accidents.

The council discussed Chief Hunt’s proposal to implement the E-tickets system. The system will soon be mandated, and the council agreed to prepare a resolution for next month’s meeting to begin the transition. Every officer will have a portable laptop in their unit, and the system will eliminate hand written tickets. According to Hunt, the Arkansas State Police will train the department on how to use the new system. City Attorney Mark Johnson spoke positively about the transition, stating, “it will be more efficient.”

Brandon Nelson, City Superintendent, reported that the new aerators had been installed, and just in time. According to him, the single operating aerator had just quit, and they were able to get the new ones installed. He added that his department continues to do routine work, including brush clean up and work at the airport.

Next, the council voted to accept the resignation of Alderman Kelly Slaten. Slaten, who serves in Ward III, Position II, submitted a letter of resignation to the council, thanking them for their support and leadership. In Slaten’s letter, she explained the reason for her resignation. “…my family and I have a unique opportunity to purchase my grandparents farm…While we are very excited for the opportunity to raise our small children in a more rural setting, I am heartbroken to have to step down from my position on the city council. I am especially sorry to put you all in a position to have to replace this seat again in the same calendar year. I assure you, my heart was to serve a full term with honor for my ward.”

After the council voted to accept Slaten’s resignation, a vacancy was declared for Ward III, Position II.

The next item of business was for the council to consider adjustments to the salary schedule prompted by the three year increase in the state minimum wage. After a lengthy discussion, the council voted unanimously to accept the proposed wage increases for city employees. Increases range from $.86 to $4.42, all conditional on the number of years of employment. The state minimum wage increase, and the desire to remain a competitive workplace prompted the ordinance, 2019-06, which the council adopted.

Mayor David Millard asked the council to assist him as a committee to research the pros and cons of implementing a city business license. They will meet to discuss those findings in a workshop following the September agenda meeting.

City Attorney Mark Johnson reported to the council that he is prepared to take action, at their direction, on the condemnation of properties at 321 Redbud, 1056 Danville Road and 287 E. 5th Street. A property owner, who is also on the list, reached out to the mayor’s office and indicated he had attained an attorney. The council voted to allow the owner at 768 W. 4th Street time to get the property back in compliance with the city before taking any further action. “We don’t want to take people’s property,” stated Johnson. He added that this will ultimately benefit the city, though they will have to absorb the initial costs. Johnson indicated that later, they could recoup those costs through property auctions.

Rene Myers, the Director of the Scott-Sebastian Regional Library, was recognized to speak. Myers commented on the success of the summer reading program and made the council aware of the implementation of the E-Books system. “You can now read books from our library on your Kindle or smart phone,” concluded Myers.

With no other items of business, the meeting of the Waldron City Council was adjourned.

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