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Vital Maintenance Tips for Your Harvesting Equipment


When you run a farm, your harvester is one of the most important tools at your disposal. These massive machines, designed to uproot and collect crops with ease, save you ample time and make it more efficient to gather produce to sell. However, like most other pieces of equipment, harvesters require maintenance to stay in working order. These are some vital maintenance tips for your harvesting equipment to ensure your model lasts as long as possible.

Develop a Maintenance Schedule

First, if you want to commit yourself to properly maintaining your farm equipment, it’s crucial to set up a schedule for these tasks. Unfortunately, equipment repair isn’t a one-time occurrence. For these actions to be the most effective, you need to perform them regularly. In fact, you should perform basic upkeep on your harvester every few weeks. This includes inspecting all core components and replacing anything that looks worn or damaged. Making these things a habit can go a long way in maximizing your machine’s performance and longevity.

Perform Regular Engine Checks

One essential part of your maintenance schedule should be to check your harvester’s engine. As the heart of the entire machine, these parts keep you operational on even the most demanding days. Engines can experience a series of mechanical issues, including overheating and component malfunction. So taking the time to look over these areas can impact the success of your workday. To be safe, we encourage you to check your engine for damage before you run it each day.

Replace Worn Harvester Tracks

Another vital maintenance tip for your harvesting equipment is to pay additional attention to your harvester’s tracks. These parts, made with a highly durable rubber compound, ensure your equipment has maximum traction as you maneuver your fields. Over time though, these materials can dry and crack, making them less effective and dangerous to use. As such, make sure you check them for wear and replace them with quality rubber tracks should you need to.

Clean Following Each Harvest

The preventative maintenance of your farm tools and equipment should include cleaning your harvester after every use as well. As your machine cuts its way through the fields, it can pick up a lot of debris. When this happens, these items can lodge themselves into vital components, potentially leading to damage and ultimate machine failure. Cleanings allow you to remove these pieces before they can hinder your harvester’s performance.

Taking proper care of your harvesting equipment is one of the most important things you can do to maximize your farm’s success. So don’t wait for problems to develop. Instead, be proactive with its care and reap the amazing long-term benefits.

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