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Waldron Chamber of Commerce – February

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Waldron Area Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting
February 8, 2017

Meeting called by Chad Owens
Type of meeting Board Meeting
Facilitator Chad Owens, Chamber President
Attendees Connie Owens, Chad Owens, Mike Faber, Misty Owens, Liz Horn, Paige Cupit, Heather Hale, Shelly Buckles and Darlynda Tallmadge
Absent: Claudie Pierce and Cristal Moore.
12:00PM Welcome……………………………………………………………………………..   Chad Owens
Welcome New Board Members Heather Hale and Paige Cupit. President asked if we could add an additional member to the board. Marsha Nelson with Walmart has expressed an interest in serving on the Board. All board members present voted to extend Marsha an offer to join the board.
Scholarships Chamber Scholarship applications are available at the High School. Deadline for application is March 31st. Liz will start running an add each week and Chad will contact the school to see if he can be allowed to speak to the graduating seniors and tell them about the scholarship.
Chamber Banquet Date is scheduled for April 20th. Auditions will be at the school on April 6th beginning at 5PM.
Juanita has been contacted about cooking. Menu is Fried Chicken, green beans mashed potatoes and gravy with salad and rolls. Dessert is chocolate cake with strawberries.
Mr. Wilcox FFA group has agreed to serve again.
We will continue with the star theme using the décor from last year.
The entry form has been placed at the school and all the banks in town.   It has also been placed on the website so that interested parties can download from there.
New Business Mike Faber has volunteered to contact the local steakhouse and schedule a ribbon cutting.
Website GoDaddy account is due and we need to pay. $119.00
The website is looking good everyone should check it out. Links are set up to our Chamber Members. We need to add some artwork and photos so I really need everyone to send pictures of any events they may have attended.
Liz if you could send Connie some of the photos that were used for the magazine and of past ribbon cuttings that would be great.
Trade Days Last year we split up the responsibility of Trade Days and we need to do that again this year. The schedule will be as follows: March – Shelly, April – Chad, May – Paige, June- Liz, July- Mike, August- Darlynda, September-Heather, October-Misty, November-Cristal and Shelly, December – All.
Also, Eddie Phelps has spoken to the newspaper and sent several emails about Trade Days and the months of December, January and February along with recommending a speaker for one of our business meetings. Next Month the speaker with be Tammy Sherrill sharing an idea of a community project we can get behind. The board voted that since Trade Days had been created to bring people from the community together downtown, we didn’t need to try to facility indoor accommodations during December, January and February. The Board does not have access to any buildings and would not want to be held liable for any damage done to an indoor facility if the event was held indoors. Chad will speak to Eddie Phelps and Liz will provide the contact information on the individual that Eddie is recommending to come and speak at a business meeting.
Shirts & Signs Heather Hale, Paige Cupit and Marsha Nelson will all need Chamber shirts.   Those have been ordered. We really need to get updated photos of our board and would like to do that once we all have a shirt. A photo will be planned once the shirts come in. These shirts should be worn whenever we work Trade Days, go to a Ribbon Cuttings and to the Chamber Banquet.
Trade Day signs are dwindling. The signs are $17 each for up to 9 or $13 each for 10-19 or $11 each for 20-49 with an additional $1 for the wire stakes. The Board voted to get 10 more signs made at this time.
Invoices We have around 80 businesses that have paid Chamber dues in the past but have not paid dues for this year. We need to meet with these businesses to determine if they are interested in continuing their membership. Each Board Member has taken invoices and will meet with businesses over the next two weeks. There are more benefits to being a part of the Chamber now, businesses are listed on the site and visitors can click on the business and go directly to the business page.
Paige agreed to visit any businesses that others were not able to speak with to see if she could assist with the membership drive.
Close 1:00
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