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Waldron Mayor Has “Big Dreams” for Sawyer-Wright Field

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At Tuesday morning’s Community Coffee event, Waldron Mayor David Millard introduced Superintendent Daniel Fielding as the guest speaker.

Fielding shared with those in attendance at Dalton’s Place, the importance of Sawyer-Wright Field to the school’s football program. Currently, the field is the site of pee-wee football practices.

The city has expressed interest in taking over the property as it borders the Forrester-Davis Memorial Park.

Fielding stated, “We want the primary function of the football stadium to be for our pee-wee program…it’s really advantageous to the school, because if they are starting when they are young, and they are getting that love for the game built up, then those kids are going to go to junior high together and they are going to know things about our football program in high school…I think that’s how you get a real program started, it’s with these guys, they set the foundation.”

Both Fielding and Mayor Millard agreed that this could be good for both the school and the city. Millard responded, “I’m a dreamer, I can’t help it… I’ve got big dreams for that property. When I became mayor our city park had already been started…I got to thinking about the football field and the property around it…The pee-wee program will be the primary thing, and always will be, as long as they want it. We want to make the field something they can be proud of…our dream is to make it something beautiful.”

Fielding said the school and the city will work through the legal process to achieve this goal, a win-win for both.

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