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Waldron Mayor Responds to Backlash Following Dog Shooting


By Tammy Moore Teague
On Tuesday, July 31, Waldron resident Toby Ingle called police after witnessing a neighbor shoot a dog. A law enforcement officer and code enforcement officer responded to that call. Media reports on the event yielded hefty backlash. Mayor of Waldron, Neil Cherry responded and clarified details of the incident.
Two of the city’s police officers responded to an address on Oak Street when a dog was shot by a neighbor. The officers arrived on the scene and contacted the code enforcement officer who came and picked up the dog. The dog had been shot in the mouth area, however, the dog did not appear distressed and there was very little blood. The code enforcement officer contacted the vet who had the officer check and report to her the dog’s condition. The vet determined it was not an emergency and that the dog would be seen the next morning. The officer took the dog to the vet’s office the next morning along with the other dogs who had scheduled appointments. The dogs that had appointments were taken first while a kennel was prepared for the dog that had been shot. The shot dog had surgery to remove the lodged bullet. Upon release from the vets office and the dog’s complete recovery, it will be available for adoption from the City of Waldron’s shelter or through Bubba’s Rescue.”
Additionally, Cherry stated that the man who shot the dog will be responsible for paying the veterinary expenses, not the city.

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Tammy Teague
Tammy Teague
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