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Waldron Nursing Center News – January 12th

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Waldron Nursing Center residents are looking forward to enjoying all of the planned activities of 2017 along with the continued services from the different ministers of local churches, singing groups, organizations that come to bring “joy” to our residents as well as our faithful Volunteers who help out with the scheduled group events. All schedules have been mailed out for our different groups so they will know when their time is to come. Not that most of them don’t know their dates as many have been coming here for years. We are so thankful for these caring folks and their faithfulness in helping out with the activities. Our residents are most appreciative of being able to attend church as they did when they were at home.
Events this week included Sunday singing with Rick Byce, Reminiscence with Diane Miller and Joann Black, Monday evening singing with the Temple Baptist group, Bingo on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon with our volunteers, Doyle Wayne & Karen, Joanna Strozier and Pat Morales all helping out with the bingo either calling the numbers or assisting residents with their cards, Pat Morales is also great to come and help out at the craft table on Friday morning crafts, they have been making some awesome projects and materials for these projects are always appreciated, nail painting with Alex & Billie, Scrap-booking, “Compliment Me” was a fun filled activity by my assistant, Billie, on Saturday afternoon, Art work with several of the residents having a coloring contest with the adult pages and colored pencils, the adult coloring books that Marie Payton and her daughter, Terresa Brixley, who also works  in our dietary department, are thoroughly enjoyed by the residents along with all of the other items they bring. They also brought lots of items for our upcoming “let’s make a deal” activity. This is one of our resident favorite games. It is played just like on television and we always try to have special prizes for this game. The monthly Birthday party honoring those with January birthdays, Kelly Langley, Thelma Lawson, Dianne Brennan, Kelley Huie and Willard Perkins. The dietary department made a delicious cake and served it with ice cold punch. Judy Cheesman along with other residents sang “Happy Birthday” to the group celebrating. Church services on Thursday night with Pat Ray Biggs. Pat Ray is just one of our many faithful ministers who have been coming to the Nursing Center to bring services for the past 15 + years.
The special Wednesday morning activity of “Do it” was a real success. First off the basket with the slips of paper that told what each one had to do was passed around the large circle. As each resident chose a slip when it was their turn that told what they had to do and what they had to act our brought lots of laughter and cheering on. Some of the slips asked them to spell their name, bark like a dog, call the pigs, pull their neighbors ear, just to name a few that brought rounds of laughter from the group as each one acted out their “do it” command. There was also hand shaking and hugs with their neighbor that was sitting close to them. Everyone was enjoying it so much that the basket holding the slips went around a few times to each one so they got more than one chance to “do it”.
Be sure to tell all your friends and ask them to pass this news site on to everyone they know.
The Special activity of “Be a Snowman” was well attended and with the cool weather this activity fits right in. The Ouchita Regional  Hospice staff, Serena Loyd, Social Worker and Stephanie Midgette, PRC.  also came to do their monthly activity. It was “face table tennis” First each one drew their face on a paper plate, added strings of yarn for the hair and then glued on a long paint stick. The tennis racket was then ready for them to start batting the balloons back and forth across the tables. Everyone really had a big time and enjoyed the roll-ups they brought for refreshments.
Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Krista Barker. She will be missed by all who knew her.

In closing- Congratulations to Dixie Rodriguez, nurse aid, for being voted as “employee of the month” along with her plaque she received $100. in cash.  We will soon be working on the Valentine holders at the morning craft activity, these will be hung beside each resident room door. Many of the residents like to design their own holders. The holders will be hung around the first week of February. This will give some advance notice about this great activity that all residents enjoy. So get ready to start thinking about getting Valentines ready for this event. We just use the student one that you get at the store or hand made one is also very much appreciated. You may bring them in bulk if you prefer, signed with your name and I will be glad to put them in the holders.

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