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Article provided by Christine Lees LSW/ADC
Is it really the “King” that has all of these 50’s girls awe struck during the “Sock Hop” at Waldron Nursing Center?
The “Flu” bug has landed again at Waldron Nursing Center and we are asking that all visitors unless it is an emergency not visit your loved ones at this time. You may call the nurse desk at any hour to ask about your family member. Thanks again to all of our Community groups for understanding with having to be rescheduled because of this “bug”. If you do have to enter the facility you must put on a mask and use the hand sanitizer before going down the hallway and then use the sanitizer when you exit. Hopefully everything will be passed again soon.
Waldron Nursing Center residents are having a great time with the “Leprechaun in hiding” activity. Three Leprechauns are hidden throughout the facility and the resident must find him to receive a prize. As a resident finds the Leprechaun they are ineligible to find another one until the next day. That way it makes it more fair to everyone. So far there have been two of the Leprechauns found leaving one still in hiding. The first day Janis Hull found one of the three and today Paul Davis found the number two Leprechaun. So far today as the news is being written the third one is still in hiding. As soon as all three are found and turned in for a prize they will again be hidden.  We are giving extra special prizes for this activity.
Other activities enjoyed was Sunday afternoon singing with Rick Byce, Reminiscence with Billie Strozier as Diane Miller will be out for a bit, we are all wishing her a speedy recovery and looking forward to her return as our group really look forward to her coming each Monday morning. Bingo was on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon with our ever faithful Volunteers Doyle Wayne & Joanna Strozier helping out with the games. Pat Morales also helps on Friday afternoon along with helping at the craft table. Temple Baptist group was here Monday night for their weekly service, nail painting with Billie & Alex, Exercises, worship with David Hines, lots of Art work, scrap-booking, Red hat meeting, table games and Thinking Saturday. Our residents truly enjoy these trivia games especially the new morning cart that Alex Carter has started doing each morning to pass out magazines, word puzzles, trivia questions as well as the adult art pages. He often reports that the residents are turning the puzzles back in all finished and telling him they are turning in their homework. The magazines that everyone has been donating has really been nice for this cart that makes the rounds to each resident in each room.
The Special activity of “March Madness” was a big hit according to all of the photos that Billie and Alex took while I was away for the monthly Activity meeting in Fort Smith. It consist of basket ball. It looked like we have some great “ball” players in our facility. Each one received a string of colorful beads as a prize as this is the month for beads and what knot. We are so thankful for those that have donated us the Mardi Gras beads that we can uses for different activities.
It was reported that the “sock hop” with “The King” was great fun and the residents really enjoyed the milkshakes, hamburgers & hot dogs along with the music. It was reported that the “King” was quiet good and that several of the staff became quiet “awe struck” during the “Hop”. A special “Thanks” to Connie & staff in the dietary for all the good food and for working over doing this event so our residents could enjoy some great fun.
Big “Thanks” also goes to Marie Payton & Teresa Brixley for the great box of bingo items, art & craft activities. These two wonderful ladies helps keep our residents delighted when they see the things they keep bringing for them to enjoy. Thanks also to Lydia Holland for the wonderful things she left outside my office door.
Our deepest sympathy goes out to the families of Annabelle Bottoms and Freda Carter. Both residents have been dearly loved through the time they were with us and will be greatly missed.
In closing I want to say a personal “Thanks” to our fellow employees, especially Connie our Dietary manager, who planned the menu, and all citizens in our community for contributing to our fund raiser for the Strozier family, Billie, David & Charles all who are employees here. Our thoughts and prayers remain with them for their loss.

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