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Wasteful Foods To Avoid Bringing On a Picnic

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There’s never a wrong time to have a picnic. With many different foods, there’s a picnic option for everyone, especially if it’s sweet! As much as you love sugary drinks and tasty foods, there are things to avoid taking with you next time. You may love some of these items, but they’re wasteful foods you need to avoid bringing on a picnic.

Sweet and Carbonated Drinks

A nice cold drink is a staple item to bring on a hot summer’s day; most people prefer not just any beverage, though—soda is a favorite. The sweet taste feels good and relaxes you, but it damages the environment if you leave the bottle in the open or dump the drink in the grass.

These sweet and carbonated drinks taste better in places with garbage cans nearby. By dumping them into the grass and leaving them open, you invite sweet-loving insects to your area. Plastic and glass bottles also create safety hazards for the soil and wildlife.

The next time you tote drinks, bring a bag to make cleaning up easier. A bag keeps everything sealed and prevents endangering wildlife from stepping on or consuming the bottle’s material. Alternatively, bring along your reusable water bottles and rehydrate in the heat!

Chocolate Foods

Chocolate’s a quick treat and savory dessert to enjoy after a meal. However, it melts in the heat. When eating chocolate bars or anything that melts fast, have plates out and use the proper utensils.

Don’t discard the wrappers or small fragments of chocolate; animals don’t process chocolate the same way we do, and it can pose a threat to wildlife and visiting pets. Keep this food in a safe place to eat later and avoid littering, or opt to bring along something else entirely.

Condiment Bottles

Condiment bottles, whether glass or plastic, are seemingly great for every outing; however, they don’t look great when left on tables or in grassy fields. It’s essential only to bring what you need, especially if you purchase food from a fast-food restaurant.

Instead of bottles, consider pouring all condiments, such as mayo and ketchup, into small, portable plastic containers. The lids keep them from spilling out and prevent animals from trying to eat the sauces.


Cheese is one component that’s easiest to travel with and pairs well with any picnic style. However, there are some that you shouldn’t bring with you at all, including mild cheddar and American cheese. The cheese you want shouldn’t melt right away, nor should it have a strange odor once you’ve started eating.

Some cheeses to think about bringing include aged gouda and Montgomery cheddar. These cheeses soften slower so you can enjoy eating and making sandwiches without creating messes. In addition, keep the cheese in separate containers to maintain its flavor and form.

While learning what foods to avoid bringing on a picnic, it’s also essential to know that illegally discarded trash has dire consequences. Pack sustainably to reduce littering and enjoy your meal with portable, picnic-friendly foods.

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