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Ways To Control Flies in Your Horse Barn

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Dealing with insects in the home gives anyone an uneasy feeling. Seeing any annoying irritant comes with a quick reaction to eliminate it. Odds are your horses feel the same way year-round. Flies and other insects aggravate them at an uncomfortable rate. Knowing the ways to control flies in your horse barn will allow our friendly animals to live in the lap of luxury.

Specializing in Manure Management

Handling the manure in your stables frequently limits the insect population. The most unpleasant technique to control flies helps regulate the number of flies that attach themselves to the waste. Reducing the number of flies helps fewer eggs to form in the manure, creating a better environment for your horses.

Unleashing Fly Parasites

Learning what fly parasites do makes them a fascinating option for you and your animals. These insects work as allies by killing flies in their pupal stage while not harming you or your horses. It may be tempting to release several parasites instantly, but distributing incremental amounts throughout the year is the best method.

Using Feed-Through Products

Having the proper feed and feeder helps eliminate flies before they hatch. Having an insect growth regulator in the horse feed attacks flies without harming your horse. Using a feed-through eating program works two-fold by keeping your horses full and the fly population to a minimum.

Choosing an Effective Spray

To protect ourselves from annoying pests during the summer, we apply layers of bug spray all over our bodies. Horses need the same protection with a premise and fly spray.

A premise spray will attack and deter flies by hanging in the rafters of your barn. They release insecticide in intervals to protect the barn efficiently. Just make sure to refill the system consistently for the best outcome.

Fly spray goes directly on your horses, limiting the irritating pests that bite their skin. You may buy a spray that attacks a specific insect, targets a wide assortment of insects, or uses natural ingredients. Determine what option is the best for you and your stable.

General Maintenance

Take care of your barn like you would your home. No one likes living in an environment that feels unsanitary. You wouldn’t leave food on the floor of your kitchen, so picking up loose grains of food will eliminate scraps for our unwanted intruders. Other excellent practices include using and emptying tight-lid trash cans steadily, ensuring that your horses’ water buckets are food-free, and unpacking and cleaning feed tubs.

These ways to control flies in your horse barn will create better living conditions for your horse. A better living environment makes for happier and healthier horses for years to come.

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