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WES Teacher Receives Classroom Award

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Waldron Elementary teacher Colin O’Bryan was recently awarded $500 by Arvest bank to utilize in his classroom. O’Bryan was among 116 teachers chosen to receive the award.

O’Bryan was nominated by 10 year- old student, Justi Hunsucker. She, according to her mom, wrote, typed and submitted the nomination on her own. Justi’s parents, Todd and Angela Hunsucker, are proud of their daughter, and were pleased to see O’Bryan honored.

Hunsucker’s wasn’t the only nomination. O’Bryan was also praised for his commitment to his students. “Mr. O’Bryan brings his love of teaching and learning to his students by encouraging them, finding their strengths and building upon them, attending students extra curricular events and always pushing students to be the best they can.”

The award by Arvest Bank was part of the “We Love Teachers” campaign. “As a business that stresses commitment to the communities we serve, it is our pleasure here at Arvest to recognize some of the teachers who contribute so much to those same communities,” Arvest president and CEO Kevin Sabin said. “It has been exciting to watch our We Love Teachers campaign grow over the last several years, and we hope these awards show how much we value and appreciate the hard work our teachers put in every day.”

Waldron Elementary is honored to have such a talented and caring teacher like O’Bryan at their school. Congratulations to him!

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Tammy Teague
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  1. Thank you for honoring Colin, Resident Press.
    But I’m pretty sure that is not what Justi wrote and submitted. Hers was not that eloquent (at all) Lol Mr. O’Bryan may have been nominated by someone else also!!! So what an even greater honor!!! But the nomination in the article was not Justi’s writing; she wrote something about how he helps her with math. Haha (that’s all I remember seeing of it).

    I appreciate you covering this story for her teacher. He is a very special educator.
    Many Blessings, Angie Hunsucker