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What Is the Best Horse for a Beginner To Ride?

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Horseback riding is one of the most relaxing and beautiful experiences a person can have. However, some horses react to riders better than others. Thus, what is the best horse for a beginner to ride? Let’s look at some of the best breeds.


A Morgan is a premier choice for a family looking for their first horse due to its social and caring demeanor. As the state animal of Vermont, the Morgan is one of the most popular horses among many caretakers.

It’s a solid starter horse for those looking for a calming stroll. But the Morgan is also excellent for experienced riders because it’s intelligent enough to follow commands. After all, you know it’s a top-tier horse when it’s the first horse you receive with Arthur Morgan in the video game Red Dead Redemption 2.


If you’re looking for a horse with a dog’s personality, the Friesian is the right choice for you. It’s a rambunctious breed that enjoys playing in the mud or strutting through the water. What makes the Friesian a prevalent choice is its gorgeous mane and tail. You will have to groom this horse consistently to maintain its beautiful outward appearance, but it’s well worth the extra attention.

American Quarter or American Paint

On most occasions, the American Quarter Horse is an even keel breed, making it a breeze for novices jumping on the saddle. It’s the number one-horse breed in America, so you won’t have a shortage of owners who can share their experiences and tips for riding one.

Or you can opt for an American Paint Horse instead. The American Paint Horse is mellow, and it can form strong connections with its owner. Plus, these horses are lovely around children, making them perfect for first-time horse owners.

Tennessee Walking Horse

Jumping on a horse for the first time can be a bit intimidating, so you will want a graceful and gentle horse. The Tennessee Walking Horse couldn’t be better for neophytes because its running walk is as smooth as a silk sheet. It makes the perfect companion for a trail ride and can handle a larger individual on its back.

Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse

The Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse is suitable for beginners but even better for elder riders who struggle with joint and back pains. You can safely ride this horse without any strain, seeing as you will hardly move when in the saddle.

Missouri Fox Trotter

Thanks to its stepping habits, the Missouri Fox Trotter won’t surprise you with sudden and swift movements. It’s another gentle breed that will please any families and amateurs as their first horse.

Hopefully, going over these breeds answers the question of what the best horse for beginners to ride is. Regardless of what you choose, a horse is one of the best buddies anyone can ask for, so you will not regret bringing one home.

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