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What Should a Firefighter Carry in Their Pockets?


Firefighting equipment has evolved over time to become more compact while still maintaining efficiency. Firefighters always carry a myriad of firefighting pocket tools with them to remain ready for different tactical missions. If you’re pursuing this first responder career, you might be asking, “what should a firefighter carry in their pockets?” Discover which materials a firefighter should keep on their person.

Wire Cutters

You should carry wire cutters or pliers with you on the job to help manipulate any entangled wiring. It’s common to run into wiring issues, especially in electrical fire scenarios.

Wire cutters will also allow you to cut HVAC duck wiring or any other thin metals. Tools with longer handles make it easier to handle the instrument when wearing gloves.


Tubular webbing is versatile equipment that is compact enough to get stored in your turnout gear. Webbing can assist you in forcible door entry or in rescuing personnel on the scene of a fire.

Webbing comes in various lengths, typically spanning upwards of 50 feet. Be sure to properly store your webbing so you don’t have to untangle it when in a hurry.

A Flashlight

Every firefighter should carry a reliable flashlight in their pocket. Flashlights are a necessity for navigating enclosed or smoky spaces and safely moving through structures at night.

Select a flashlight that you can hook or hand onto your gear. This will free up your hands while illuminating the space ahead.

Door Chocks

Door chocks are especially useful for firefighters, since they have a variety of purposes. They’re critical to firefighter safety, as chocks prop and secure doors open for seamless rescue endeavors. You should keep about four or five door chocks on you.

Combo Screwdriver

Always keep a quality combo screwdriver in your pockets. Though not typically considered a rescue pocket tool, a combination screwdriver is often needed in overhaul situations.


Firefighters can almost always be seen wearing gloves when on a rescue mission. You’ll need to keep different pairs of gloves with you—rescue, tactical, and firefighting—to best protect your hands on various missions.

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