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What To Put On a Post-Off-Roading Checklist

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Going for an off-road adventure isn’t as adventurous as it looks. Breaking free of the pavement takes planning—and we’re not just talking about calling in sick at work. Whether it’s a short circuit or a long overland trip, getting an off-road vehicle such as a Jeep Wrangler ready for action requires you to get the tires ready and have all the necessary supplies on hand. You should also stop for a tune-up if it’s been a while. That’s when the fun begins.

After the party’s over, however, you can’t simply pull back into the garage, crash on the couch, and return to normal. Off-roading can take a lot out of your Jeep, and you should take the right steps to clean up and wind down after your big trip. Here’s what you should put on a post-off-roading checklist to make sure that your Jeep is ready for everyday driving and off-road trips to come.

Readjust Tire Pressure

Jeeps and other OHVs do best on rough terrain when their tires cover as much of that terrain as possible. We achieve that by letting some air out of the tires before embarking on off-road trails. This is advantageous for mud, rocks, and sand, but not for when you return to the roads. As soon as you can, get your tire pressure back within normal highway parameters—usually between 32 and 37 pounds per square inch—up from the 12 to 17 psi for off-road trails.

Clean It Thoroughly

Splashing mud, blowing dust, kicking up rocks—your Jeep makes a mess when it goes off the roads, especially if you’re a top-off-doors-off thrill seeker. Jeeps are considerably easier than other vehicles to clean, which means you have no excuse not to do so. It’s not just a matter of making sure your Jeep’s aesthetics are top-notch—this driving machine puts function ahead of form. It’s also integral to your Jeep’s operation, as accumulated mud from splashing around in puddles and streams can cake on, impede airflow, and cause the Jeep’s engine to overheat.

Restock Your Supplies

We’ll round out the list of what to put on a post-off-roading checklist with the tools it takes to get ready for the next journey. Did you have to use your first aid kit on the trails? Replace or restock it now before it slips your mind. Did any parts take critical damage on your adventure? Now’s the time to replace them. And though it seems a bit frivolous, if you happened to go through your emergency beef jerky supply in a not-so-emergency situation, you’d better stock back up on nonperishable snacks lest you forget before you head back out.

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