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What’s YOUR Opinion: Mansfield Christmas Parade

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By Tammy Moore Teague 
The Mansfield Chamber of Commerce met on Thursday afternoon and discussed plans for the upcoming Christmas Parade. The date is set for December 1, the first Saturday of the month.
Chamber members are discussing a change up in the annual tradition. Mayor Mike Gipson suggested adding a tree lighting ceremony, with businesses and churches sponsoring the event. Initial plans are to begin the festivities around 3 p.m., continue the beans and cornbread tradition, invite vendors and have a tree lighting ceremony to kick off the parade. However, details have yet to be finalized.
Another topic of discussion was the parade itself. One member suggested a parade after dark, and after discussing some of the logistics, it was decided to seek the opinion of the community. A definitive decision will be made at the meeting in October.
So, what’s your opinion?

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Tammy Teague
Tammy is the heart behind the brand. Her tenacity to curate authentic journalism, supported by a genuine heart is one her many wholesome qualities.
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  1. A tree lighting-how wonderful! Love the idea and an evening parade—maybe not night time but early evening prior to lighting of the tree.
    Good idea!
    Way to go Mansfield!

  2. Mansfield Fire would love a Parade after dark because the kids amd public could see the lights on the Fire trucks better and it would add to the Christmas feel of a cool evening !!!
    Mansfield Fire
    Matt Nichols

  3. This is in reference to the possibility of having a nighttime Christmas parade. As part of the Tractor Club, we like it just the way it is. On the first Saturday, there are parades in Lavaca, Charleston, Booneville, and Waldron, all starting within 30 minutes of each other, that is 5:30 to 6:00 pm. By having a night parade you will gut the tractor participation. Logan county people will go to Booneville, Franklin County people will go to Charleston and Scott county folks will go to Waldron. From what I understand, Lavaca started night parades last year and didn’t have any tractors, I’m not 100% sure about the tractors, that’s what I heard. There will be a tractor or two maybe in our parade; however, night parades present extra problems in transporting, loading and unloading tractors and safety concerns abound. It’s also harder to see children dashing out in the parade route to retrieve candy. Another of my peeves, is all one sees at night is lights, the vehicles, tractors floats and other things are just blobs with lights. That’s my opinion, but as John Wayne was fond of saying, “You do as you think best”.

  4. Thank you for asking for my opinion about the Mansfield Christmas parade. I do not like to participate in night time parades. They are dangerous for participants in the low light of the side streets. Using the colored lights of the holiday season is not enough for safety. The lights are pretty on the floats but the people on the floats won’t be seen. The school kids walking down the parade route will not be safe off of the highway route where there fewer are street lights. The parking lot at the school is not lit enough to allow for safe staging for all the students. Kids and cars at night do not mix safely.
    On that same night there are four other parades so those attending will be dedicated Mansfield folks only. I believe the parade will have fewer participants because of this. Temperatures fall at night so there may be few watching the parade due to the cold.
    I plan to stay home on December 1 if the parade is at night.

  5. I love the idea of a tree lighting ceremony, it sounds like something this town could make a tradition. I’ve live in this town for all my life I think it’s a great idea. Maybe even making it an event with having hot chocolate, coffee, and some goodies to go with that maybe even having some caroling before light the tree. All in all I like that idea and it doesn’t have to be on the day of the parade it could be later in December, or also if it does happen to be on the day of the parade I we could have it that night. But in the other comments above there is several parades that night so i don’t know if others attend those events. But I think it’s something we should definitely try this year.

  6. Your gonna have some tht like the ideal an some tht dont..so either way ..some are gonna disagree
    …it has went well for years this way …but sometimes a change is good …an you will never know until yal try it…a night one is beatuiful..an the faces on those sweet kiddoes is wonderful …my bunch loves the night ones an we also enjoyed mansfield day one…so we will be there either way so do wht yal feel you want to do..but we go to night ones an love them..