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Winds Of Change Building Up In Tiger Football


What makes a winning program? We’re not talking about merely a one in every five years team that has a good season. We’re talking about a top-notch winning program. An actual winning program is one that can repeatedly put together a good season year in and year out. To create that type of program, it takes four key ingredients. First, you have to have talented and smart players that work hard together as a single unit. Then, you need players who take extreme pride in the colors on the jersey they put on in every game.

Senior High Tigers

Next, it takes passionate coaches who build not only players but young adults. Coaches who love their players enough to teach them work ethics, humility, and respect. And lastly, it takes a committed community who will back their team every time no matter the outcome of the games. Now spread those ingredients across all grades from kindergarten through senior high. It takes all four of the ingredients listed above to be consistent and unwavering to have what is known as a winning program.

Flag Football Tigers

Mansfield Football has been known as a mid-card program for many years. Since 2004, Mansfield football has had a 73-89 overall record and have gone 40-65 in conference play. Slowly but surely, the Tigers are turning that trend around. After the Tigers huge success from Little League to senior high last season, the mid-card pattern may be about to shift. There’s a sense around the program, the community, and even around the state, that Mansfield football is turning into a force to be reckoned with from here on out.

Senior High Tigers

Mansfield Sr High Head Coach, Tim Cothran, said, “During my time at Mansfield, our coaches and administrators have worked very hard at improving our facilities and trying to improve community support which I feel has gotten better throughout the years. Hopefully, due to the seeds that were planted throughout the last six years by a multitude of people’s tireless efforts, we will soon be able to reap a harvest of success and continued high expectations. I see nothing but good things for our Tigers.”

7th Grade Tigers

Mansfield currently sits atop the list of teams to watch this preseason at every level of football. The Flag Football team changed leagues this season and will face off with a more even competition. The Little League teams are entering their second season in the West Central Football League and both squads are picked by many as the favorites to gain the WCFL Championship this year. The Jr High team is packed with talent ready to show that they can play with anyone on any level. And the Sr High team is currently ranked fifth in the state and picked to finish second in conference. Sitting in the coaches chair for the Tigers this season are Tim Cothran, Keith Stovall, Layton Robinson, and Mark Tolton.

Jr High Tigers

Mansfield Little League Football President, Josh Strozier, said, “Over the last few years it has been very evident that Mansfield football and sports in general, have been on the rise. Our numbers are up. The quality of our programs has drastically increased. And players are taking pride in the sports they play. The Tigers are on the rise and there’s no stopping them now!”

Little League Tigers

In each grade from kindergarten to twelfth, Mansfield is overflowing with an abundance of skilled players. There’s no more rebuilding the Tiger teams, just reloading them. The Tigers have impeccable staff who know what it takes to win and who are great mentors for their student-athletes. The coaches are creating a standard for winning and the community is starting to paint Mansfield red again. It’s evident that the skies are turning red and the winds of change are blowing like a hurricane through the Mansfield Tiger football program.

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