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Winters Serves 20 Years as Volunteer Fireman


Mansfield resident Mike Winters recently retired from the Mansfield Fire Department after serving the past 20 years as a volunteer.

Winters began serving on the Huntington Fire Department in 1990, under the leadership of then Chief Gary Lawrence. After Winters moved to the Spur Lake area near Mansfield, he sought to join the Mansfield Department. “They were a strong and full department then, and because I lived further than three miles, I wasn’t able to join right away,” shared Winters.


However, in 2016, Mayor Larry Austin added Winters onto the department. “I enjoy it,” added Winters. “It gets the heart racing when that pager goes off! I would really like to see more young people get involved. ”

His passion to serve as a volunteer fireman is supported by his wife of 36 years, Sandy Winters. Mike Winters is employed by the Mansfield School District as a school bus driver. He enjoys fishing, and gardening.

Although Winters has stepped away from the department, he hasn’t ruled out coming back to volunteer again!

“I want to thank Mike Winters for his years of service to the City of Mansfield and the Fire Department,” shared Mansfield Mayor Buddy Black. “He is a good man, and a tremendous asset to this community.”

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Tammy Teague
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