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With Gratitude…an Editor’s Heart

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This is one of those articles I have thought about writing for some time. The words would come to me, but I failed to write them down. But today, I sat down to finally hammer them out on the keyboard, and…

Nothing…I am struggling to compose my thoughts.

To quote my all-time favorite Christmas movie “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” and father mouse, “when approaching a tall piece of cheddar, better start at the top.”

It was a tremendous loss, the announcement, and subsequent departure of our sports editor, Megan Hecox. I would sincerely like to thank her for her dedication and heart to this business. Her passion for showcasing our student-athletes is unmatched.

That passion is something that sets Resident News apart from corporate news outlets. Speaking of, that catapults me into my next item of discussion.

We’ve moved to a paysite online. Boy, you talk about a tough decision to make! It was not easy, and yes, we knew going in we would receive some resistance. We started out free, people were accustomed to getting it free, and now all of a sudden you have to pay. I get it, I totally do. But, please let me explain the reasoning.

Again, we are not corporate media. We aren’t owned by someone in New York or California. They are supported by corporate advertising dollars. When we say we are “locally owned, locally focused,” it’s not just a slogan. We are very proud to live and work in the towns we cover. We are 100 percent invested here, and the decisions we make are weighed heavily on the overall impact of our community.

Then, of course, COVID. The year 2020 was tough on small businesses. I hate to say it, but 2021 hasn’t been much easier! We have been one of the fortunate ones to still remain in business. But, at what cost?

The Baggetts, Jason and Lesli, have sacrificed the most. They always made sure their employees got a paycheck, even when revenue was down. It was a difficult decision to turn to a paysite. But let me say, it was necessary.

I have been just blown away by the response we’ve received. Our subscription numbers have skyrocketed for all our publications, and our readers have been overall supportive of the $7 access fee for our website. For that, I am so very thankful. I’m humbled….I’m grateful! Thank you for supporting us through the good times and especially through the rough times.

Lastly, on that sentiment of gratitude, I appreciate the trust and confidence placed in me with the promotion to Editor-in-Chief. I feel a tremendous responsibility to continue this successful path forward.

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