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Woodsman Following a Call from the Heart

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Mansfield – Native to the area, where hunting is the cornerstone to many family memories, Shawn Cook noticed a need for a more unique offering in custom turkey calls that catered to his personal style, and for others who claimed to want the same.

Cook started his journey with an idea that led to developing his brand, Woodsman Custom Calls, which quickly became overwhelmed with phone calls from hunters close and far, with orders and peculiar interest.

“I wanted local hunters to have their personal input in these calls. This is how and why woodsman was created. I sat down with them individually and found their personal air signature to find the call that worked for them. Word got out, and here we are, doing something different, while being well recognized for the extreme details. I think it’s a big deal to take this level of personality into a call” Cook stated.

Woodsman Custom Calls currently has over twenty personal signatures from hunters and hunting styles/scenarios around the United States. Additionally, Cook humbly adds that his calls are now sold in 42 states.

As the brand grew, so did his offering of truly custom calls that were more so of a memento style, yet still functional.

Cook has created a following from both hunters and those who desire a custom piece commentating unique memories, or close to heart photos for bookshelf display or special occasions. The options are literally endless and cater directly to the customers wishes.

One of many memorial style calls made by Shawn Cook of Woodsman Custom Calls

Starting with a blank, Cook designed his first product around the desired sound akin to those you will hear in the Spring Turkey woods. Not from hunters, but from the origin of the hunt itself. Yet, the desired effect, and end result had to be his own, and one that couldn’t be found from cookie cutter brands or big box stores.

Beginning with his choice of endless materials, and elements that create perfect harmony of true to life sounds, Cook set a path to bring this need to life in his garage just north of Mansfield.

In fact, you may pass by it to never know that such a product was created and made in the small barn behind his home.

Cook is all smiles after illustrating his unique and personal process behind each Woodsman Custom Call.

“I’m not doing this as a source of income. I have a full-time job. I’m doing this for the kids and knowing we’re making a premier product at an affordable price. My main focus now, is to get kids in the outdoors and spend time with them establishing a perfect call for them” added Cook.

To further establish his passion and focus within the hunting community, Woodsman Custom Calls features youth hunters spotlighting their efforts in the outdoors throughout the year on their Facebook page.

Cook was recently featured on The Hunt Experience, a local podcast where he shares a candid and personal perspective.

For more information on Woodsman Custom Calls CLICK HERE

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