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Mansfield Mayor’s Attorney Files Lawsuit Against City of Mansfield

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Fort Smith attorney, Joey McCutcheon has filed a lawsuit against the City of Mansfield on behalf of Mansfield Mayor, Larry Austin.
The lawsuit itself comes against three City of Mansfield Council Members with regards to an alleged communication via text messages, to conduct a “special meeting” discussing actions against the Mayor without proper notice, and attendance. This action was followed by an Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to receive the text messages.
Mansfield Mayor, Larry Austin is listed in the lawsuit as the plaintiff, with City Council members Rick McDaniel, Sheri Hopkins, and Beverly Lyons as the defendants.
The lawsuit asks the Court to state and declare that the text messages constitute an unlawful meeting, and instructs the City of Mansfield from holding further meetings without giving timely notice. Arkansas law states that prior notice has to be given for board of directors to hold meetings that discuss public business.
The next regular scheduled meeting of the Mansfield City Council will be held tomorrow night at Mansfield City Hall, at 7:00pm.
You can read the lawsuit in it’s entirety by clicking —> HERE <—
Photo courtesy of Dustin Graham / Greenwood Democrat

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  1. So now he’s goung to waste even more city money on an idiotic lawsuit all because the wanna be dictator isn’t getting his way!! Sounds like its time to just plain out go for a recall election and get rid of him for good.

  2. I just hope that the city can hold out for another year until he’s gone. The only good thing that has come from all of this, is that he is currently mounting an excellent re-election campaign for himself.

  3. The mayor’s escapade has got to end.
    This is purposeful and spiteful. We have been told and told he would so similar things that he did while working for the school district and now is the time the voters come together and correct what the city council didn’t control, and tried to correct.
    The people need to speak loudly with a recall vote. The time has come to take back our city and make it great again.

  4. May I present your elected emperor…
    The one and only…
    The high and mighty, whitey righty …
    He needs to make like Elvis, and leave the building.
    This is an embarrassment for EVERYONE!!!
    (including his family)