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The Health Benefits of Volunteering

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As the holidays encroach, people look for ways to share with more than just their families. Generosity tends to boost the last couple of months of the year. People get inspired to find ways to contribute to good causes during the holidays, increasing donations.

If you plan to donate your time, there are more perks to it than improving others’ welfare. The health benefits of volunteering are a significant reason to spend some time toward a meaningful cause this year.

Decreases Risk of Depression

Volunteering has proven to lower rates of depression. For those aged 65 and older, volunteering has proven especially helpful to diminish the risk of depression. Volunteer organizations encourage socializing with folks with common interests. The gradual build of another support system in life through volunteering can lead to a better sense of self and belonging, two factors associated with lower rates of depression.

Provides Sense of Purpose

Volunteer expectations and standards hold volunteers accountable for their work. The obligations of a volunteer position give individuals a strong sense of purpose that builds confidence. Greater confidence and feelings of purpose can reduce depressive moods.

Teaches Valuable Life Skills

Volunteers fulfill a variety of roles within organizations. The responsibilities that come with volunteering equip volunteers with remarkable professional and personal skills. Notable skills are also confidence boosters, helpful to fight the risk of depression.

Keep Physically and Mentally Active

People can stay active by volunteering in a role that involves physical movement. The social interaction that occurs while volunteering keeps the mind sharp and social skills intact. Studies have found that people aged 60 and older found the health benefits of volunteering considerable. Donating time can inspire other positive changes to lifestyle, improving physical and mental health even further.

Can Reduce Stress Levels

With the inevitable stress that comes with holiday preparation, it is important to enjoy the things that de-stress us. Time spent doing a service for others promotes sensations of gratitude that help calm our worries. The feelings we experience from donating time or money are akin to the sensations we get from eating, exercising, and hugging—all activities that elate us. Center yourself this season by giving back to your community.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly way to donate this year, consider giving your time. Organizations are nearly always in need of volunteers. Find an organization that aligns with your values and a cause that is meaningful to you. Volunteering is an excellent way to give back to your community while improving personal health.

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