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14 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Outdoor People

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Stockings aren’t just for the kids in our house! My husband and I each have our own stockings that “Santa” fills for us on Christmas! One of my favorite parts of Christmas is picking out little items to go in the stockings.

Useful outdoorsy items are a useful and fun idea for adding to stockings. And depending on who you are shopping for there are an abundance of options out there!

1. Hand warmers- Amazon has a rechargeable hand heater option, or a simple pack would be much appreciated by anyone braving the cold outdoors!

2. Turkey calls- if you have a turkey hunter in your life now is the time to get them stocked up for the spring. The small size of turkey calls makes them excellent for stockings!

3. Compass- anyone who is going to be out in the wilderness can benefit from having a compass, and it’s a pretty nifty gift!

4. Ammunition- whether for a gun enthusiasts or hunter you can’t go wrong with ammo!

5. Hats/gloves- everyone can use these

6. Double walled cup- Yeti is probably the best known brand, but there are loads of cups that work just as well at keeping beverages hot and cold at various price points

7. Jerky or other portable snacks- it’s always handy to have something to grab and take out the door

8. Hammock- grab a hammock in a fancy carrying case and you have a great stuffer (or stand alone gift)

9. Flashlights- you can never have too many!

10. Pocket knife- you probably also can’t have too many pocket knives!

11. Fire starter tool- sometimes matches or a lighter aren’t available, and this would be way handier

12. Scent away- if your person deer hunts why not help them out by getting them a bottle to mask their stink or, um fragrance!

13. Binoculars- binoculars are so handy! Everyone needs a pair.

14. Mini first aid kit- really important when you need it!

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Madison VanRavensway
Don't let her quiet nature fool you. Madison is a force to be reckoned with in the outdoors, or creating amazing recipes from scratch.
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