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4 Summer Tips for Hobby Farmers to Help Beat the Heat

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There’s a lot to love about summer. The warm weather and sunny days make the season vibrant and full of life. Despite this, summer can also bring unsafe conditions for you and your livestock. All living creatures must avoid dehydration, heatstroke, and other complications that come from hot temperatures. From keeping your beehives cool to running fans in your barn, it’s important that you take good care of your animals throughout every season. To keep summer fun for everyone, here are four summer tips for hobby farmers to help beat the heat.

Stay Cool in the Shade

Just as you like to lounge under the shade during the summer, so do your animals. Make sure everyone has a place to get out of the direct sunlight. If you can, place your beehives or coops beneath trees to give them partial shade. Make sure any grazing animals have access to shade as well. If there are no trees in the run or pasture, build a lean-to or shed so that they can escape the heat when necessary.

Let the Water Flow

Your animals need water to stay hydrated and cool this summer. One of the simplest summer tips for hobby farmers to help beat the heat is to make sure all of your animals have access to safe water sources. Keep a careful eye on your troughs and waterers to make sure they stay clean and full throughout the summer. You can also provide your animals with shallow pools or sprinklers, so they can cool off and relax.

Enjoy a Cool Breeze

If your animals spend too much time inside, they’re going to need a little extra breeze. Make sure your barn or stable gets plenty of cool air by running fans and throwing open the doors and windows. In addition to feeling good, a cool breeze also helps get rid of stagnant air and deter annoying insects. It also helps lower humidity within your barn, keeping your livestock comfortable in the heat.

Keep the Days Stress-Free

When temperatures reach their peak and the sun is high in the sky, it’s tempting to just laze around and enjoy a relaxing summer day. In fact, this might be the best thing you can do for yourself and your animals. Leave your harder, more strenuous jobs for cooler days—or at least cooler times of day like early morning and evening. Avoid transporting your animals or putting them through unnecessary work or care in the extreme heat. This will help keep your animals’ stress levels low, so they can spend their days relaxing and staying healthy.

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