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7th And Jr Lady Hornets Continue To Ascend Undefeated

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It just doesn’t get much better than this. It’s been a known fact the last couple of years, that the Hackett volleyball program is one of the top contenders to beat in the 2A. This season, the girls have been hard at work delivering that exact same message to the 3A. Now, already with a handful of games under their belt, the 7th Grade and Jr High Lady Hornets are transmitting that message again loud and clear. How so do you ask? Hackett’s 7th Grade team is undefeated 3-0 as well as the Jr High squad who also sits undefeated 6-0 in total season play and 5-0 in conference. Last Thursday, the 7th Grade and Jr High Lady Hornets each hosted the Paris Lady Eagles.

From the very beginning of the match, the 7th Grade Lady Hornets busted out of the gate leaving zero opportunity for the 7th Grade Lady Eagles to catch up. With each team flying circles around the court, it was Hackett who had more endurance to sustain the flight. The match ended with the 7th Grade Lady Hornets being victorious in both sets 25-8 and 25-12. With more cases of “aces” than a grocery store was Jessie Mendenhall and Kamryn Infalt with 5 each, Michaelyn Freeman and Jadyn Clay with 3 apiece, and Kinley James with 1. With plenty of drills, thrills, and “kills” was Mendenhall with 2 and Freeman with 1. And providing better reinforcement than the Terminator was Freeman and Mendenhall with 2 and 1 assists.

Michaelyn Freeman

Next up in the takeover department, were the Jr High Lady Hornets who followed suit in the clean sweep category against the Jr Lady Eagles. With all of the innate talent that Hackett holds, it comes as no surprise that the Lady Hornets are ahead of the Jr High volleyball game. After commanding both sets 25-12 and 25-16, Hackett flew off with another Lady Eagles feather in their cap. Showing the Jr Lady Eagles how an “ace” is done was Makenzie Freeman and Aubree Ruggles with 3 each and with 1 apiece was Alona Rothwell, Jessie Mendenhall, and Michaelyn Freeman.

Serving up more “kills” than a lion in the wild was Makenzie with 3, Alona and Michaelyn each with 2, and Aubree with 1. Throwing up “blocks” like they were building a wall was Alona with 3, Aubree with 2, and Michaelyn with 1. Providing better assistance than the Red Cross was Prairie Vaughn with 5 assists and Mendenhall with 3. And with more “digs” than a cat in a sandbox was Michaelyn with 3, Aubree with 2, and holding one each was Prairie, Alona, and Makenzie.

#23 Makenzie Freeman and #20 Alona Rothwell

“My Jr High team is truly playing aggressive and working very hard to dominate all aspects of the game,” said Coach Bridget Freeman. “We have a young team that is learning to play together and continue to make incredible strides every day!” The 7th Grade and Jr High Lady Hornets continue their work this week as they take on the Lady Bearcats at Booneville today at 4 pm. On Tuesday, September 15, Hackett will host West Fork for senior night. And on Thursday, September 17, the Lady Hornets will play host to Charleston at 4:30 pm. 7th Grade will not be playing in the Charleston match.

Jessie Mendenhall

Photos courtesy of Mandy Foster

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