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Coach Bryans Tiger Pride Shows Through Coaching

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By Megan Hecox

Being a Coach is not for the faint of heart. To build a sports program on top of motivating young people to want to work hard and succeed is not as easy as it sounds. But one person making it look like a breeze is 7th grade and Sr High Girls Basketball Coach, Joshua Bryan. Coach Bryans inspiration for coaching came from his high school years when he would spend his time coaching his little sister in Mid-America Youth Basketball. It was at that moment that he had fallen in love with coaching and knew that someday he would be coaching for a school district somewhere.

During school, Coach Bryan enjoyed playing a wide variety of sports between 7-12 grades, including soccer, basketball, track, and golf but his main focus was on football. For 9 years, Coach Bryan has been coaching and by a twist of fate, he landed the opportunity to coach in his hometown of Mansfield where he has been coaching track for 3 years and girls basketball for the last 2. If coaching was no longer an option, Coach Bryan would probably own a local farm or work for the forestry department. You can watch his passion for the game of basketball when he coaches the Lady Tigers in their game at Elkins on December 18th at 4 pm.

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