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Armed, Trained and Carry

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Nationally recognized Fox News contributor and Second Amendment advocate Jan Morgan is on a mission. That mission is simple, to arm and train as many people as she can. And, to teach women in particular, that a handgun is an essential, not optional, part of their daily wardrobe.

Morgan, who has been dubbed the First Lady of the Second Amendment, left the news field “because I was tired of reporting about good people dying. I realized I needed to get better trained myself.” That is when she began traveling two hours every weekend to train. “I went to a class, and it was very intimidating. I was the only woman.”

Gun-Cave-Jan-Morgan-2nd amendment-handgun-concealed carry

Morgan and her husband Bob Paskvich own The Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range in Hot Springs, AR. Both work flawlessly as a team and have educated over 40,000 people over the years in gun safety and education. “Guns save lives,” said Morgan. Adding that she’s only failed three individuals in the course and that was due to their inability to handle a gun safely.

Gun-Cave-range-2nd amendment-handgun-concealed carry

People from all walks of life have participated in their training program, and return regularly to continue that training. Teachers, senior citizens, law enforcement and even entire families visit frequently. Morgan said she has had several students who have taken as many as three other concealed carry courses before coming to her because they still felt unprepared.

“I allow at least 8 hours for this course. I don’t understand how some are teaching what is required by the state police in a few hours,” said Morgan. One element unique to her program is her instruction on establishing personal boundaries. “In order to be a responsibly armed citizen carrying a gun in public places, it is imperative that you have given much consideration to your personal boundaries with your gun. In other words, you need to know what you are and are not willing to do with your gun in public places when lives are on the line.”

Throughout Morgan’s course, she reminds her students that it is more than simply purchasing and carrying a weapon, and that the responsibility should be weighed with heavy conviction. Additionally, she demonstrates the importance of mental readiness and ways to avoid victimization.

Gun-Cave-range-2nd amendment-handgun-concealed carry

After instilling the importance of mental preparedness, Morgan teaches the four most critical components of firearm safety. “There are people carrying concealed in mass shooting situations. The problem is they freeze up.” Morgan stressed the importance of training, maintaining and recognizing one’s personal boundaries.

Paskvich, Morgan’s husband teaches the law portion of the course. Paskvich is a NRA certified pistol instructor, Arkansas State Police certified CHCL instructor and NRA certified Range Safety Officer. You can access the Arkansas Concealed Handgun Carry Licensing law in its entirety HERE.

Another element unique to Morgan’s range is the simulation technology. Morgan’s wall screen creates a virtual reality training scenario for her students. It also allows the student to engage in verbal interaction with the perpetrator with random reactions. For example, one simulation scenario has the student inside of a school building with an active shooter. The versatile simulator is one piece of technology that brings people to the range from all over the country.

After each student trains on the simulator they are sent over to the live firing range. Each are accompanied by additional staff instructors for one on one supervision.


Morgan is extremely passionate about educating and fighting for citizen’s gun rights. Her motto is, it’s not a privilege, it’s your right to own and carry a gun. Her fight for that freedom takes her regularly to our state’s capital to lobby on behalf of the people. In fact, Morgan was a Gubernatorial candidate in the 2018 Republican Primary Election.

One of her most recent projects is her 2A Women, “Skills Save Lives” project. “My organization, 2A Women, has a scholarship fund that we use to pay for firearms training for women who can not afford to take a class or purchase a firearm. This will help single moms, domestic violence victims, struggling college students, and women who do not have the financial resources to cover the cost of a gun and training. A $10, $20 or a donation in any amount will help cover costs associated with her class materials, a gun, target and critical defense ammunition.”

If you are interested in learning more about Morgan’s course, you can contact The Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range at 501-767-9944. If you would like to contribute to the 2A Women “Skills Save Lives” scholarship fund, you can go HERE.

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