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Bulldogs Split Win-Loss Column With Tigers

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In their second meet up of the season, the Waldron Bulldogs went head to head with rivals the Mansfield Tigers. In the first meeting, Waldron took home the win over Mansfield 10-4. This time around though, the Bulldogs weren’t so lucky. After seven innings, the Tigers took the win 1-0.

#6 Seth Hunt

The Bulldogs are now 3-10 on the season and 3-5 in conference play. Braden Williams earned one hit and one steal bringing his season totals to 16 hits and 6 steals. Tyler Owens made one hit and one steal bringing his totals to 11 hits and four steals. With one hit, two steals and one putout, Caden Fuller brought his totals to 10 steals, 10 hits, and 15 putouts. Ruben Valdez secured two putouts bringing his total putouts to 16 on the season.

#11 Braden Williams

With two putouts, Drake Carnley brings his total to 21. Clayton Montgomery made three putouts bringing his total to 8. At one putout and six assists, Blake Owens sits with 12 total putouts and 52 total assists. Pitching for the Bulldogs was Seth Hunt. Seth threw 81 pitches to 28 batters striking out four. His season totals come to 560 pitches to 157 batters striking out 44. He also made four putouts and one steal.

The Waldron Bulldogs will stay home and face the Charleston Tigers on Friday, April 12 at 4:30 p.m.

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