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Common Exterior Home Repairs to Know

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Living in a rural area often requires you to rely on yourself for many basic services. You may cook your own food most nights, mow your own grass, or fix your own car or truck. You may even need to renovate your own house when the time comes. This can be daunting, but this guide on common exterior home repairs to know will help you learn what can happen if you neglect basic home repair.


The roof is one of the most fundamental parts of a home. A solid roof should last twenty to thirty years. However, poor treatment or maintenance can lead to serious breakage, water leaks, stains, or mold. Water pooling and leaks can weaken your home’s structural integrity, and mold can trigger respiratory issues within your body. Therefore, consider roof repairs as crucial to increasing the longevity of your structure.

When repairing a roof, check the necessary materials. Protect your roof with new shingles, vent flashing, seal valley joints, and power-washing. These projects will further protect your roof for many years.


Your home’s siding serves many purposes. In addition to increasing curb appeal, it insulates the interior, shields against external moisture, and protects against weather. Theoretically, siding should last indefinitely, usually only needing minor repairs. However, major damage such as mold or a weak structural frame could indicate the need for serious siding repairs. Perform regular inspections to spot any signs of necessary renovations, such as cracked or sagging paneling, water stains, or mold.


Painting the exterior of your home is a cheap, time-efficient project. It might not seem like a common exterior home repair to know about, but paint has many roles other than beautification. Paint prevents moisture from penetrating your home’s structure. It also seals small cracks and hides stains. You can repaint anytime, but you should periodically inspect for bubbling or peeling paint, as this indicates signs of wear on your home.


Lastly, don’t forget your gutters. They have several important uses, but rain gutters remain an often-neglected exterior home component. Gutter maintenance should rank highly on your list of exterior home repairs. They transport rainwater from your roof to the ground through piping and downspouts. This prevents water pooling, which can weaken your house’s frame and lead to mold growth. Aside from regular cleaning, you should know how to maintain your gutters, too. Make sure to avoid these common DIY installation mistakes so that your rain gutters perform accordingly.

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