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Comp Time Discussion Dominates Quorum Court Meeting

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Members of the Scott County Quorum Court met in regular session on Monday evening, April 19 at 7 p.m. Eight members of the court were present including Justice Brigance, Justice Hattabaugh, Justice Hill, Justice Luttrell, Justice Roberson, Justice Thompson, Justice Vaughn, and Justice Wagner. Justice Parker was absent. Also present, Scott County Judge James Forbes, Treasurer Teresa Scantling, Sheriff Randy Shores, Assessor Terri Churchill, legal representative Travis Plummer, and County Clerk Barbara Whiteley.

After the reading, correction, and disposition of the minutes, Judge Forbes asked for public comment. A citizen was present and expressed concern over the condition of his road. Forbes responded, and ensured him the work order was on the road department’s schedule.

Next, Forbes presented his report to the court. A discussion regarding compensatory time followed. “I think we elected officials should report on comp time and time expended each month,” stated Forbes. The members of the court agreed and asked that a review be brought to them at the next meeting. “We need time to review the personnel policy manual and make sure we are following the Fair Labor Act on comp time,” Forbes added. The court has elected to pay comp time instead of overtime pay, giving employees time off from work for the amount of time equivalent to the extra hours worked.

Forbes also noted that the jail, with a projected payoff in 32 years, had been paid off in 14. It will take 90 days to expire the tax, and ultimately lower the rate throughout the county.

The members of the court then heard reports from the sheriff, and treasurer. The coroner was not present. With no committees to report, the court then heard items of old business. The JPs had information in their court packet regarding the school’s resource officer for review. “If you have any questions regarding that, we can bring it up next month as old business,” Forbes stated.

In items of new business, Plummer read Ordinance 2021-8, Unanticipated Revenue, and Ordinance 2021-9, Coronavirus Incentive Pay. Both were passed unanimously.

With no other items of business, the meeting of the Scott County Quorum Court was adjourned.

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