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Crafting with the Kids for Father’s Day

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One of the more popular crafts I had the pleasure of assisting my former Sunday School kids with was for mother and father’s day. Albeit messy, the kids always loved experimenting and making their own masterpiece for their beloved parents.

This craft was one we all enjoyed doing together. We stretched it out over several class periods to allow the paint time to dry. But, it could be easily done at home!

Father’s Day Gardening Gloves Handprint Gift
Use a pair of gardening gloves or work gloves for Dad, then have a child put their handprints on them, as seen. Attach this ADORABLE poem: “See these gloves daddy? They don’t fit me just yet, my handprints are on them so you never forget. I’m only small for a little while, So remember my hands and remember my smile. I love you daddy!” (Source unknown)

Remember, it’s the little things like this that mean so much and the memories last forever!

Have a neat idea for Father’s Day? Share them in the comments!

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