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Facing Change with Optimism

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2020 taught us many things. The most important lesson was the faith, love and devotion our readership illustrated in our coverage, content, and individual personality which sets us far beyond those who call us competitors.

It was never about the “numbers.” It’s about community, and heart.

Being the ONLY locally owned and locally focused news source in the Arkansas River Valley, we went to great lengths in 2020 to continue our tradition of not following the same media trends as others have. We do things differently, with great pride. (Example: No national headlines, no sensationalism, nothing that doesn’t directly affect our personal lives in the areas we call home, etc.)

There’s no doubt that we could have easily called it quits, and politely said, “Thank you, we tried.” We didn’t. We’re still standing. But, going into this new year, we have to make changes.

Within the next couple of weeks, our established network of websites under the Resident News Network brand will undergo a small facelift to be accessed only by subscription.

This is a measure we must boldly take to continue our efforts in providing timely news + sports coverage and a decision that has not come easily.

It will come with some adversity, and opinion, but we believe that you, our readership will continue to support our decisions and our business.

In our research, news sources are rapidly fading into a memory due to the financial struggles we all face. The mindset has to be changed on how news is obtained through online sources, print, mobile apps, etc. Like utilities, to be informed comes with a cost for those who want authentic coverage. Not regurgitated, or stolen content.

Thank you for supporting what we do.

Thank you for believing in our brand.

Thank you for trusting us as your source for local news.

THANK YOU for supporting our need to make these changes.

FACT: When payroll protection programs came out to help keep businesses moving forward financially, multiple corporately owned news sources were given assistance, where private, locally owned news sources were not.

FACT: News sources will be forced to change how they use social media in 2021 based on scrutiny for authenticity, and through individual platform algorithms. Print will see a strong resurgence as mobile apps, and websites will be highly utilized to funnel coverage to readership in remote areas.

FACT: When you utilize your local news source for exposure, advertising, notices, classifieds, etc., that money stays local. In turn, it supports local businesses, families, schools, and utilized for the greater good of community. Advertising on social media supports lifestyles well outside where you call home, and rarely reaches those paying customers who are also your neighbors.


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  1. RP is by far the best news source we have in the River Valley. Others have mimicked, and even copied what you do and it shows how well your heart is centered in this area and where the others are focused.
    I’ll gladly become the first subscriber!

  2. I hope to figure out how to subscribe because I am so thankful for all you do and support all your efforts! God bless all you do in the future. Thank you for being a good neighbor business.