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Firewise with Chief Michael Smith: Holiday Edition

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When it comes to being firewise throughout the holiday and winter season, Mansfield Fire Chief Michael Smith stated that most accidents can be avoided by simply using common sense.

Holiday Safety
When it comes to enjoying a safe and enjoyable Christmas season, Smith shared a few extra tips.

  • Inspect cords, and light strings to ensure that no wires are exposed
  • Avoid overloading the breakers
  • Use appropriate locations for decorations–those marked indoor use only should only be used as such.
  • Do not place a tree, artificial or live, near a heat source.
  • If you choose to have a live tree, make sure you keep it watered. A dry tree is more combustible.
  • If you choose to hang lights, and utilize a ladder, ensure that it can be used safely, and is on level ground.
  • When it comes to holiday cooking, be sure you have fire extinguishers on hand. Further, ensure that they are the correct ABCs for the type of fire.

Winter Safety
As cold weather season approaches, fire departments typically see a higher number of structure fires.

  • Be leery of using space heaters, they can be very dangerous, even deadly.
  • Never use extension cords for space heaters
  • If you use a fire place, be sure you clean it before use. Keep your chimney clean by using creosote logs throughout the winter season.
  • When dumping ashes, be sure to water down the embers. Smith shared that he has been called to both structure and grass fires because the homeowner failed to fully extinguish the embers.
  • Avoid putting items to close to open flames. Use a fireplace screen or door to contain sparks and embers.
  • Maintain and clean the flue
  • If you start your vehicle to let it warm, remember if you’re inside the garage to open the door. Dangerous carbon monoxide gas will build up quickly.
  • Test smoke, and CO2 detectors monthly

“I believe most problems can be avoided simply by using common sense,” concluded Smith. “Playing it safe will help ensure that you and your family will have a joyous holiday season.”

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