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Fort Smith Joins Together to Stop Rising Waters

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The Jeffrey Boys and Girls Club on North 50th in Fort Smith was one of the places to volunteer to fill sandbags and for the public to come pick them up for free.

Because of the Arkansas River flooding, many areas in Sebastian, Logan and Crawford County have been affected by historic flooding.

This Memorial Day, it will be another memory of a different sort. Just as the military, who gave their lives for our freedom, there were many today giving and helping.

The urgent call went out today for volunteers to help fill and deliver sandbags to those in need to protect their homes, businesses and churches.

sandbag-Fort Smith-volunteer-flood-river-resident-press-news-newspaper
Flooding in Fort Smith behind Wal-Mart and Life Church off Kelley Hwy.

Fort Smith Mayor George McGill came with a shovel in hand and volunteered like everyone else.

According to the Mayor, there were hundreds of people who came together of all ages, backgrounds and culture to help people. Just seeing the many people who were at this location was a joy, all working together for a common cause.

With the heat, volunteers had to stay hydrated; food, water and Gatorade was provided for everyone.

The Mayor said he was very happy to see Fort Smith coming together during a catastrophe.

Mayor McGill said, “This makes me happy to see. We need to remember that we are River Valley strong. We are much better working together for a common goal. This flood is not going to break Fort Smith or the River Valley, nothing will. We need to remember that after this time has passed, we must keep caring for each other. The River Valley cares about people.”

sandbag-Fort Smith-volunteer-flood-river-news-newspaper-resident-press
The flood has created a lake around one of the churches on North 50th, one of many flooded areas on this street.

One of the leaders for this location, Donnie, said the city could not keep up with sand needs at the different locations around this location, so the last bagging was completed at 6:30 pm.

People volunteered their trucks and trailers to haul the sandbags to where they were needed. Those coming to get sand for their homes told many they were very thankful that so many people had joined together to help. More volunteers will be needed again.

Sandbags are located at: Fort Smith – 3900 Kelley Hwy, 8th & Garrison, 7020 Taylor at Chaffee Crossing, 1st Baptist Church; Greenwood – 203 S Coker in Greenwood and Van Buren – Emergency Operations Center on 1820 Chestnut.

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