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Four UAFS Faculty Honored with Service Awards

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Four University of Arkansas – Fort Smith faculty members were recently honored for their services to the institution. The awards are usually presented during the Annual Faculty Appreciation Day, but this year were presented virtually.

Recipients, all residents of Fort Smith, were Lynda McClellan, recipient of the Luella M. Krehbiel Adjunct Teaching Excellence Award; Dr. Elizabeth Momand, recipient of the Lucille Speakman Master Teacher Award; Dr. Larry Faulk, recipient of the Excellence to the University, to the Profession and to the Community Service Award; and Dr. Jim Wollscheid, recipient of the Excellence in Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities Award.

Lynda McClellan

The University of Arkansas – Fort Smith recognizes the success of our faculty members as well as our students. Lynda McClellan, an adjunct instructor in the Department of World Languages, has been awarded the 2020 Luella M. Krehbiel Adjunct Teaching Excellence Award.

The award recognizes the contributions of adjunct faculty members for exceeding in the process of active learning, writing and critical thinking with instructional techniques that engage students at UAFS.

“I often tell people that one of the best parts of this institution is that the faculty truly cares about the students,” said McClellan. “This sense of community and support has made my time here educational and rewarding.”

McClellan has taught at several institutions, from a small, four-room elementary school to large research universities such as Louisiana State and Brigham Young. She is an experienced educator who has worked with UAFS for almost seven years and dedicates her time developing new ways to help her students succeed.

McClellan is currently putting the final touches on her dissertation that will implement Vygotskian methods in intermediate Spanish.

“When Lev Vygotsky’s daughter was a young girl, he said to her, ‘It is only for those who help others that life is rewarding and brings true joy,’” said McClellan. “I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. I truly feel joy when my students are learning and enjoying it.”

McClellan also said she believes in teaching in an environment where collaboration is a priority and students contribute their own ideas and that UAFS is just the place to do so.

“Although the recognition is appreciated, it certainly isn’t what drives me,” she said. “I truly love teaching, and I love my students.”.

Dr. Elizabeth Momand

Dr. Elizabeth Momand, professor of music at the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith, has been awarded the 2020 Lucille Speakman Master Teacher Award for outstanding teaching performance, professional growth and service to the community.

“I have many reasons to be grateful,” Momand said. “First, I have wonderful students to teach. They are eager to learn, open to new concepts and just great people. Second, I work with fabulous colleagues who are supportive of one another.”

Dr. Momand is a full-time faculty member with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in vocal performance from Mississippi College. She completed her Doctor of Musical Arts in vocal performance at the University of Texas.

“In the music department, we are really a team working towards the same goal, and that makes teaching much more fulfilling,” said Dr. Momand.

Dr. Momand formerly served as the head of the UAFS Department of Music and Humanities from 2007-2013, is a trained accreditor for the National Association of Schools of Music and has served as secretary for the Arkansas Association of Schools of Music.

“I follow a four-pronged, student-centered approach to teaching: know your students, start where they are, give them opportunities for exploration and connect the learning to other parts of their lives,” said Dr. Momand.

Every morning Dr. Momand goes over her teaching plans and asks herself the same question: “What can I do today to have a positive impact on my students?” The goal for each student, she said, is the same.

“I want them to feel healthy, happy and successful about their life, whether they follow their music dreams or choose a different path,” said Dr. Momand. “I tell my students that, even after they graduate, the goal will still be there, and I will do whatever I can to help them reach it.”

Dr. Larry Faulk

Dr. Larry Faulk, associate professor of management in the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith College of Business, has been awarded the 2020 Excellence to the University, to the Profession, and to the Community Service Award in recognition of his dedication to service through various committees, recruitment, clubs, and data gathering.

“I am humbled and especially honored that I have been recognized for my service to the College of Business, the university and the community because the award was determined by my peers,” said Dr. Faulk.

Dr. Faulk stated that UAFS has created an environment in which services are supported strongly by the administration, staff and faculty. The Excellence to the University, to the Profession, and to the Community Service Award supports faculty who pursue service projects that are important to the students.

“On a daily basis we see our peers contributing to the success of their colleges, the university as a whole and the broader community,” he said. “It creates an expectation that you serve in some way beyond simply being an effective educator.”

Dr. Faulk said he is dedicated to the mission of the College of Business, which is to help transform students into business-ready professionals by the time they graduate.

“At the beginning of every semester, I tell my students that, in addition to learning the material relevant to the particular class, I also will help them make progress towards being that professional, whichever path they choose.”

Dr. Jim Wollscheid

Dr. Jim Wollscheid, professor of accounting in the College of Business at the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith, has been named the 2020 recipient of the Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities Award.

“It is an honor to be recognized by my colleagues for any award,” said Dr. Wollscheid. “There are many talented people at UAFS, and I am excited to win the award.”

Dr. Wollscheid was nominated for the award because of his active participation in research, presenting at conferences and mentoring students participating in the UAFS Student Research Symposium, and his participation in the UAFS Adopt-a-Professor program, all of which he said is fully supported by Dr. Ashok Subramanian, dean of the College of Business.

“It has been a privilege to work with both my fellow colleagues and students in conducting research that has been beneficial to the field of economics,” he said. “Working with students has been a wonderful experience, as I get to see first-hand students use the skills and ideas from the classroom into expanding new ideas, which I hope will help them with future educational opportunities or careers.”

Dr. Wollscheid’s research focuses on ways to improve the material and techniques that are used to create a better learning environment for his students.

“Research isn’t easy, but it is rewarding,” he said. “It helps me stay current in my field as well as makes me a better educator in the classroom and allows me to provide valuable experiences for students as well.”

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