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How To Preserve Family Recipes

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Preserving a recipe through generations pays homage to an unforgettable meal and, often, its remarkable creator. With the holidays approaching, many folks are getting ready to prepare these favorite traditional dishes, reviewing the passed-down recipes laid out on worn notecards or perhaps even on old napkins. With each generation that goes by, maintaining those faded recipes becomes even more important. Find out how to preserve family recipes so that your favorite dishes don’t lose their place at family festivities.

Gather & Assemble

It’s important to account for all the recipes you’re trying to preserve in order to gauge what materials on which most of them are written. In gathering recipes from the ages, you may realize you have scraps of all different shapes and sizes, which will affect how you assemble them together. Purchase a few new binders or photo albums to organize your family scripts. For recipe books that are torn, transferring these cherished recipes to a binder may be easiest, as it allows you to accommodate the size of paper on which they’re written.

Scanning your recipes may be helpful so that you have spare copies should they tatter or fade any more than they already have. Organize the scanned copies into a folder to be placed somewhere safe and clean in the home.

Engrave It

If you’re fortunate enough, the holidays are a time for abundant food and joy. They’re a time to honor the passing of loved ones through favorite stories and traditions while gathering around warm and full plates of food. Family recipes allow us to key in to the past and highlight the people we dearly miss. You can pay tribute to your favorite dish this year with a family recipe cutting board. It transforms the recipe into a durable and resourceful item to cook with as well as a decorative piece. Plus, it makes a great holiday gift!

Upload It Online

When you’re considering how to preserve family recipes in a way that’s most convenient for you, think about employing the Internet by uploading your dish online. This option spreads the love to a broader reach and establishes digital permanency. There are many sites to which you can freely post a recipe, allowing you to share it with long-distance friends and family members as well as with strangers who have a common appreciation for homecooked goods.

You can take advantage of a handful of opportunities to ensure your cherished recipe sticks around for ages. The holidays are a perfect excuse to transfer these recipes into an organized and protected fashion so that when cooking time comes, you know just where to find them.

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