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Jr Bulldogs Fall Short To Apaches

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After an exciting road win against the Lamar Warriors in the previous week, the Waldron Jr High Bulldogs were running wild with anticipation over last Thursday’s faceoff with Pottsville. Although Waldron had to enter the match as a three-legged dog due to missing players, they put up a good fight against the Apaches. “Unfortunately we were out three players,” explained head coach, Garett Lazenby. “Two with MCL tears and one that broke team rules. Not having them on the field definitely showed in the Pottsville game. They would have been a huge help in that game.”

#6 Damion Dickens

Nonetheless, the Jr Bulldogs pushed forward and gave the game everything they had. By the end of the match, Waldron walked away with the 22-16 loss placing them with a 4-3 record. “I’m very proud of how much fight this group of kids has. They never let up during a game. Aden Allen has stepped up big for us on the offensive line and Joe Slater has stepped up and done a great job coming in on the defensive line!”

“The team is gelling well together but we still have room to grow for the remainder of our two games.” For their next to last game, the Jr Bulldogs are hitting the road to Dover on October 22 where they plan to give no quarter to the Pirates. “I think if we have a good week of practice then we can have a chance to put ourselves in a good winning position over Dover.”

#32 Kason Davis

#3 Chris Lopez

Photos courtesy of Sandy Tull

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