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Jr Lady Hornets All Systems Go For 3A VB Liftoff

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Pictured are the 2019-2020 Jr High Lady Hornets

With volleyball season literally knock knock knockin’ on Hackett’s door, the Jr Lady Hornets are readier than ever to hit the court in a brand new conference. Last year, the Jr Lady Hornets not only went 21-3 in 2A play but they soared away as District Champions as well. With over half of last season’s Jr High players moving up to senior high play though, some opponents might view this as a weakness. But not the Jr Lady Hornets. There is more than enough fresh talent moving in to assist the already skilled players on this year’s roster.

“I honestly have a great group of girls that all work hard each day on the court,” stated head coach, Bridget Freeman. “I truly couldn’t single anybody out as I feel I’ve had a great group of 7th graders showing up and working hard this summer. My 8th and 9th graders have stepped up immensely and are filling in the holes left from the now 10th graders.”

The 2019-2020 Jr volleyball squad

Saying goodbye to 2A volleyball, the Jr Lady Hornets are fired up to begin their black and gold dominance in their new conference. The 3A isn’t a walk in the park for any program to go through though. With teams like Green Forest, Elkins, Lincoln, Waldron, Paris, Booneville, West Fork, Charleston, and Lavaca, the Hornets know what they’re up against. A move like this might spook some programs, but not the Jr Lady Hornets. That’s because Hackett has been there and done that against most of their upcoming opponents. “Since we are moving up to 3A, that whole conference will be “new” to us even though we played most of the teams last year.”

With the already mile-long list of rules for the 2020 sports season, adding one more fictional rule wouldn’t hurt so why not have some fun with it. The fictional rule will flow with every fans’ favorite part of sporting events. The concession. When asked if she were forced to partake in a fictional rule that would require the head coach to eat and drink something during a match, Coach Freeman had the perfect response. “How fun! It would definitely be popcorn and sweet tea!!”

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