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Jr Lady Tigers Freeze Rebels In Their Tracks

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Pictured is Shelbie Fuller

The Mansfield Jr Lady Tigers moved into the 2A-4 conference this season and wasted little time letting their new opponents know that there was a new sheriff in town. After completing their regular season with an astounding 13-1 overall record and a 5-0 conference record, the Lady Tigers’ dominance in their new conference isn’t up for debate either. They have already been crowned the Conference Champions with their undefeated regular season run in conference play and earned the #1 seed in the District Tournament. Now they are prepared to continue their path to more Championship gold. After a 57-20 tub-thumping of the JC Westside Lady Rebels in the semi-finals of the District Tournament on Thursday night, the Lady Tigers are one step closer to their season goal of gold as they are now on their way to the 2A-4 District Finals.

Harlie Fuller

The last time Mansfield played JC Westside was on the Rebels home court. The result of that game was a 44-9 blowout in the Lady Tigers favor. That was then though. The Lady Rebels had worked hard to get their way to this point in the District Tournament and was determined not to fold as easily. Mansfield came out of the gate with a heavy concentration on their basketball fundamentals. The wild and crazy offense that is normally seen by Tiger fans was swapped for a precision based game plan. With both the offense and defense playing by the books instead of street ball, the Lady Tigers headed into the half with a comfortable 39-14 lead.

Ambria Whittaker

The game was paused for the Sr High Volleyball State Championship ring presentation at that point. Once all of the bells and whistles were done though, it was game on again. Giving the starters a rest for what was sure to be a District Finals appearance, Coach Joshua Bryan subbed in his second team. Again, the depth and talent of the Lady Tigers was ever apparent. The Lady Tigers continued to pound the backboards and burn the nets as if the entire team itself were starters. Mansfield only allowed another 6 points to be scored by the Lady Rebels in the entire second half of the game and closed the door on JC Westside with a 54-20 final locking up the Lady Tigers District Finals game appearance.

Meghan Emery

The outbreak season for 7th-Grader Kaylee Ward continued as she landed 19 points, 5 blocked shots, and 5 steals against the Lady Rebels. Kynslee Ward was a wrecking ball who broke down JC Westside’s defense with 8 points, 4 assists, and 2 steals. Alyson Edwards, team captain, sent the Lady Tigers charging ahead with 6 points, 2 assists, and 2 steals. Harlie Fuller rode ahead scoring 8 points and coupling those points with 2 steals and 2 assists. Ambria Whittaker sank 7 points for the Lady Tigers and ripped off 3 steals. Raine Hecox, Cole Smith, and Presley Curry contributed to Mansfields cutting down of JC Westside with 2 points apiece.

Kynslee Ward

In their 2019-2020 season, the Jr Lady Tigers won gold in their Conference and District Tournaments. Now, in their 2020-2021 season, they have the opportunity to cash in on four different championships in two different conferences in only a two-year span. But first, Mansfield must prove themselves worthy of such an honor. The Lady Tigers will host Acorn on Saturday, February 13th to battle for the 2A-4 District title.  

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