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Jr Lady Tigers Gung Ho At 10-n-0

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The Mansfield Jr Lady Tigers are made up of a host of girls who can pass, set, spike, and serve to perfection. But it’s not just the physical aspect that wins the games. It’s mental too. With a drive better than the Fast and Furious and determination that can be seen for days, the Jr Lady Tigers find themselves basking in the afterglow of victory as they sit 10-0 on their season. Recently, Mansfield came face-to-face with conference foes, the Lavaca Lady Arrows. Usually touted as THE game to watch, the Jr Lady Tigers didn’t disappoint. After two fast-paced heated sets, Mansfield landed on top with final scores of 25-14 and 25-18.

Logging stats from the match was freshman, Cole Smith, who earned 3 kills, 15 assists, and 1 dig. Cole might come off as quiet off the court. But watch out because when she enters a match, a dominating top-tier athlete is what opponents are faced with. Freshman, Harlie Fuller left the game with 1 ace, 1 kill, and 15 assists. When Harlie hits a game running, it’s her ability to play under pressure that allows her to meticulously deliver every move with pristine detail.

7th-grader and baby of the group, Kaylee Ward, obtained 1 ace, 6 kills, and 2 digs. Kaylee is the younger sister of freshman, Kynslee Ward who snagged 2 aces, 7 kills, and 6 digs. When these two siblings team up, prepare for double trouble. They each bring to the court the perfect blend of sugar and spice and everything nice. Kaylee has a heart of gold and is a huge asset to her team as she is always willing to jump in at any sign of trouble. Wild-child Kynslee is outgoing, adventurous, and full of life. Always having a smile on her face, you will never find another athlete more willing to slam, dive, or plow towards any ball or opponent.

Freshman, Alyson Edwards is the leader of the pack earning 3 aces, 14 kills, and 6 digs. Alyson holds herself to high standards never willing to settle for o.k. She consistently pushes herself to go big or go home on and off the court. Poised with the maturity of an oak, Aly takes great pride in assuring her entire team is on the same page and up to par in any situation. Freshman, Rachel Johnson who obtained 1 ace, 7 kills, and 1 dig, plays with a compassionate and even-tempered mentality. She has excellent quickness and is the motivation that keeps her team rolling.

8th grader, Trinity Triska walked away with 7 digs. Her timidness and tiny build could leave some competitors thinking that she would be a walk-over. But they forget that big things come in small packages. Trinity’s size makes her the perfect lethal weapon of agility and endurance. One word that this all-around athlete doesn’t have in her vocabulary is quit. When the cards aren’t falling into place, Trinity pushes her teammates to keep going until someone calls out Bingo!!

Next up for the Jr Lady Tigers are the Thaden Lady Barnstormers at home on Wednesday, September 30 starting at 4:30 pm.


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