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Jr Pirates 3-0 After “Big” Victory Over Bigelow

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There’s nothing junior about the Cedarville Jr High Pirates. They have started off the season with an undefeated 3-0 record in dominant fashion with the latest victims of the Pirates plunder being the Bigelow Panthers. Cedarville sailed over the Panthers with a 36-6 win in last Thursday nights football battle. 

As with any football game, a team has to work as one unit and the Cedarville Jr Pirates did just that. The Pirate defense opened fire with all cannons shutting down the Bigelow offense down in the backfield on almost every snap. Cedarville defensively took no prisoners throughout the night. Although defense wins championships, it was the Pirate offense that took showcasing to a whole new level.

Led by Hayden Morton, the Cedarville offense excelled in the ground and pound game. Morton chewed up 234 yards against the Panthers and racked up 4 touchdowns. Of course, those yards wouldn’t be as achievable without the BEEF leading the way. The Cedarville offensive line plowed through Bigelow’s defense with ease opening holes big enough for a Mac Truck to drive through. 

The Cedarville Jr High Pirates are undefeated in their season. Bottom line. They have been dominate in their three victories and look to continue sailing smooth seas as they host the Booneville Bearcats on Thursday, September 19th in what is expected to be a slobber knocker of a game.

Photos courtesy of Malinda Mizell

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